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Sci Fi

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Not sure at all.

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All of the categories can be good except romantic comedies.

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Dead heat between Sci-fi and Superhero movies (good superhero movies that is, I would rather watch a boring 'romantic comedy' than sit through one of the many atrocious superhero movies out there).

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So much hate for the Romantic Comedie so far!

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Um, superhero, I suppose.

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If it were just regular comedies, I'd pick that, but out of these choices, Horror.

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Anyone else?

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The killer from the Scream films is not called Scream. He is called Ghostface.

Horror and Sc Fi for me.

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Super Sentai, for it encompasses all genres

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Love making fun of horror movies. I found evil dead just the funniest movie ever.

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It's pretty much a tie between Fantasy and Sci-fi (which are often seen as the same, since they're both speculative fiction :P ), and with Superheroes coming in a very, very close second.

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Horror. I love thrillers too.

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Anyone else?