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the date of 2012 dec 21st depects the astrological alignment that will happen on that date. the mayans believed the begining of and end of time(rather of an age) would occur at the point the earth sun and centre of the universe would align. its like the start and end point of a time. i look at it as new years day but in the biggest scale possible. this age will end but another begin. 

profits have predicted catastrofic events with certain signs fortelling its arrival.
but some in every civilisation and in every generation has believed it was it was going to happen to them. i believe the mormans were founded on this belief but the time came and went.
look how many crazy cults have come and gone cause they thought it was going to happen.

truth is the world will still be here no the 22nd, the world wont end it may change? im hoping for the better, but dont dought that if nothing happens there wont be another date that springs up to deliver armeggedon

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i've always thought Marvel wrote according to the issues of the time...

are they depecting the desires of the NWO/Bilderburg group etc in the stories.
with the intent to dominate the world
secret invasion.
skrulls infiltrating key areas of the Marvel Universe.
the Hulk was exiled.
heroes turned against each other in the civil war.
power was taken away from the mutants in house of M.
Captain America "the very symbol of liberty and freedom is killed"
all designed to depower the population, and to create new laws of dominance.

and now in Dark reign, evil has control of national/world security...
how much power does norman want? is he implementing a police state?

Im not saying marvel is in anyway involved with the nwo, are they trying to tell us something or am i simply over thinking the whole thing?

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(in the 50s) batman

(in the 60s) ironman

(in the 70s) ghostrider

(in the 80s) venom

(in the 90s) spawn

(in the 2000s) ultimate Captain America

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sadly they have never called me anything as bad as what i've called them in the past... penance starts now

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Marvel has created a monster, i dont know why DC hasn't relly followed suit? they should be trying lots of characters like marvel

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the zombies did win... and yes they'd win all over again, only one bite or the smallest scratch and the zombies get a new recruit

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no love... shoot first ask questions later? i would rather help those who need help... they could be your brother your sister, parent or child... compassion is a beautiful trait

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iron fist




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6th sence... when she drops the wedding ring, and you realise he's dead.

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Dreadnaught says:

"Rotten gun says:
"Dreadnaught says:
"Rotten gun says:
"i just got my 360 back from tech support (red rings of death), free shipping, free repair and they even gave me an xbox live membership for free for the inconvenience... very pleased with the 360s customer support"
Computer owns all. Console Rts games suck. "
i dont play one single game on the computer... i guess thats a bit odd considering the amount of time i spend on it?"
Freak. And Guess what, Your fired too."