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You know, I wasn't going to say anything about this, but as I was taking a shower, this was weighing on me heavily. I think this was a poor decision...why kill off Donnie? Aaah....I know. For shock value. To sell comics. Unfortunately, with this move, TMNT has joined other mainstream comics and they're now in the category of "let's kill a major character and bring him back to life later on".

This was not necessary. I always felt that Donnie could be the Batman of the group (and nope, not Raph or Leo guys, sorry). Donnie is the brains of the group. He produces all of their gadgets, weapons, toys, and vehicles. Also, he's a ninja and if he REALLY wanted to be a full on lethal weapon, he could be on the same level as Batman, with his intelligence. So, imagine my disappointment when I read that Bebop and Rocksteady kill off Donnie! I mean, REALLY?? I can't fathom that.

Although Donnie is not the strongest turtle, he is the smartest. I feel he could have used aikido, judo, locks, holds, etc. against these two. I can't suspend my disbelief that these two could get the upper hand on him. Donnie's too smart for that!!

IDW could have done something better like packaging the comics with mini toys or something. Not this cliched "a hero will die in this issue" routine. Anyway, I have to get off my soapbox. I'm sure Donnie will be back about 6 months to a year from now.

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I'm very happy to hear about this! Can't wait to start picking up these issues! :)

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*SIGH*....just bring back Young Justice for a season 3, DC and CN!!!

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These are all excellent! Thanks so much for posting! :)

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Great article, man. I personally can't wait to check this film out. I really love the DC animated movies and I'm sure that this one will be superb! :)

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I wish a season 3 is right around the corner! Anyway, great news for YJ fans! :)

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Eeh...this may be a rental for me. :-/

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Not bad. Although, I have to admit, I really want to see that teaser! :)

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Wow! These are all so very cool!! Those Batman: The Animated Series toys look cool, the Arkham Knight figures as well, the DC females, along with the Vixen statue are all must owns! And the Arrow figures are really awesome as well! Thanks for the pics! :)

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@g_man Thank you so much for writing this article! I totally agree with you! Animated super hero shows that currently air aren't worth much and after the cancellation of Young Justice, I've just about given up on any good super hero shows to air. I hope that a top network executive reads your article, agrees with you, and green light a really cool super hero show in the likes of Batman: The Animated Series, Young Justice, and Spectacular Spider-man. Anyway, thank you again!