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Sending poor Power dude up against CM is one thing, having him duke it out with a possessed Majin Marvel is plain mean ;P

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Let's see just how high these two fiery fellows can turn up the heat! Moreals and personalities apply, the battle takes place in front of the Baxter Building for the sheer heck of it. Who do you think will win?

Edit: both dudes duke it out with their most up to date feats.

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@nickzambuto said:

60's Joker obviously.

dat mustache.

Creepy win.

I really liked how he was both unnervingly creepy and sypathetic in The Killing Joke. The fact that you can feel pity for such a moster while being makes it even more disturbing. I also loved him in Batman and Robing Must Die, especially in B&R #13. Frazer Irving is insanely awesome.

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Fantomex comes to mind, though he's basically the main protagonist of Uncanny X-Force (alongside with Psylocke), where he's handled excellently. Archangel getting a case of messiah complex, leaving Logan's school and forming a sect of kind could be the basis of a bizarrely fun mini series. Also I think Beast and Broo should have their own little one shot\mini series. It would be an outstandingly awesome teacher-student bromance!

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Holy shit, it's been a while sice I last posted anything!

Back to topic, I think the only way J'ohn could beat a PF ridden Jean is by going Charles Xavier on her lovely buttocks and try to telepathically aid Jean in overcoming the Phoenix Force... that is, if only the PF is blood lusted, and Jean's still struggling to get rid of its influence. Otherwise, she'll make J'ohn her Martian Manwhore, forcing him to perform heinous debaucheries such as this:

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Oh, come on, make a nerd happy! Post a reply!

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Optimus Primal and his crew take on the team of Optimus Prime from the Trasnformers: Animated series in order to get revenge on Bumblebee for spraying "TRUKK NOT NOT MUNKY" on their ship.

the BW team contains Primal, Rhinox, Dinobot, Rattrap and Cheetor, while Optimus has Ratchet, Prowl, Bulkhead and Bumblebee on his side. The battle starts at a deserted Central Park, all 'bot's are on optimum energy level and fight according to their character. Each of them possess their basic equippment\forms from the first season of their respective shows, and you are allowed to to use feats from cartoon-, as well as comic book series.

Which team should win, and why? Oh, and Merry Christmas to you all in advance ;)

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If this is Grimlock written by Simon Furman, that is, not just brutally strong but also deceptively sharp minded, he might outsmart him. He could exploit the links through which the component Combaticonst connect (though the weakness of these links varies from interpretation to interpretation). A Nucleone empowered, Action Master Grimlock would probably fair against the gestalt with relative success, and War Within Grimlock might also have a chance. But yeah, for the majority of scenarios Bruticus should win due to his advantage in sheer brute strenght and durability, as well as being able to split into the other five Combaticons should he reckon that five minds are better than one.

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This is too easy for Batman. Omega Red will die from embarassment after batman pokes out his eyes with his bat nipples. OR he traps him inside one of his fabled poké-balls. It is common knowledge since Dark Detective of Sexy Rubbery Goodness vol. 2, issue 546, that Batman is an incredibly skilled Pokémon catcher and trainer. In the 2009 miniseries Batman: Caped Stompage he even succeeded capturing Darkseid this way. Not to mention that, after hearing Red's accent, he'll revert to his brutal 30s self, creaming "OMG, COMMIE! KILL!!," reigning all hell upon Omega's carbonadium laced buttocks. End of story.