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@SwampPing: Huh, that's pretty crazy. But hey, it's still better than a cahinsaw with slow killing venom-tipped katana blades for teeth, right? Also, I thing Hawk-Girl looks an awfully lot like Jenny Sparks from The Authority here...

A very entertaining list, it was pleasantly surprising to hear for once something about the current Transformers comic series. The two current ongoing titles, More Than Meets The Eye and Robots In Disguise really deserve some attention. MTMTE has some excellent writing to offer with multilayered, unique plots, deep, subtle characterization, some nice stylistic variety and humor that actually contributes to the narration and the character's personality rather than derail from them. It's easily the best TF comic we had in decades (if ever).

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Debates about Spider.Man vs Wolverine also pop up relatively often. We had quite a few Midnighter vs mid tiers\street levellers in the past. Not quite as popular as some of the previously mentioned battles, but they can be seen every now and then.

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A petty pocket thief wearing the mask could stopm LoBo, the Main Man himself. 'Nuff said.

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Ten years ago my answer would've been Cyclops, but I don't think Marvel wants us to respect him too much lately. I'm going to cheat here and say Drizzt do'Urden (after all, he WAS starring in a few comic books as well). It might just be a phase, but I find him a bit tiresome at the moment.

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I'm a big fan of putting Wolverine in scenarios devoid of planet threatening spervillains and cosmic quests, having him deal with crime gangs and serial killers and such instead. If it's going to be at least half as good as Grag Rucka's run then it's worth following

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@AlKusanagi: I can see what you mean. I guess it's up to the authors and editors whether they want to go with the "Jerk who's right" fromula or have something more tragic up their sleeves.

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Wait a minute... I haven't read all the AvX related stuff yet, so please excuse me for me not being informed enough, but... I was under the impression that Cyclops used the Phoenix Force to have more mutants born, but this article suggest that he's rather made already existing persons to become mutants... against their will... Is that true? I mean, did he at least gave some mutants their power back who got depowered by the Scarlet Witch? Because of he's just randomly turned people into mutants, ignoring whether they want to be one or not, telling them "Guess what, you're a mutant. Hope you had no prejudice against us; now, kome wif me eef you wanna leev!"... well, in that case, maybe he's not such a tactical genius after all. Sorry for being an uninformed noob, I'd appreciate if some of you fellow comic book aficionados would enlighten me in regards if what really happened. Thanks for your patience.

As for Wolverine and his murders... sure, he's not a figurehead superhero like Spider-Man, but when was the last time he deliberately killed or endangered innocent people around him? I might not be the biggest comic book expert, but I remember him killing mainly criminals without whom our world's a better place... examples being either when he's mind controlled (which does happen a lot) or giving a mercy blow (if you consider Mariko innocent). Regarding cyclops killing Xavier... sure, he was under the influence of the Phoenix Force, but he was aware of the risk of meddling with such entities, so it's not quite the same as killing while being possessed against your will.

Nevertheless, while I not appreciate the whole "gambling with the life of billions" deal, Cyclops' imprortance and role prevents him from becoming an outright moustache-twisting villain. He will definately continue to play a crucial role in saving mutantkind. No matter how big a "jerk" he appears at times, he always ends up being right in the end. His X-team seems to grow akin to mutantkind's answer to The Authority.

I just hope he doesn't stare too long into that abyss... especially not with his visors removed XD

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It is a bit weird how many people get butthurt about Power Girl's boob window when there are heroines with far more revealing cleavages: Emma Frost, Black Cat, Starfire etc. I never would've bothered to read all issues from Palmiotti, Gray and Connor if it was all about fan service. Her costume was unique (espcially dug the half-shoulder-pad-cape-thingy), and hell, if Wonder Woman can get away with wearing star spangled panties, then what's to stop PG from having her windows? Fan service is bound to pop up in comics, wheterh the plots're good or not. It's not like the vast majority of male superheros don't look like grade AAA mawhores.

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I'm pretty sure she's a PG

*takes cover form raining tomatoes and molotov cocktails*