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@thedailybagel: I have volume 30 right on my lap, and I can't for the life of me find a single panel that would indicate that would indicate 18 suffering any damage from Vegeta's attacks. Sure, her clothes got torn up, but otherwise she was uninjured, while Vegeta's face was covered with blood after a few strikes strikes. Vegeta punching 18 in the guts made her smile. her returning the favor made the Saiyan cringe. Vegeta didn't start losing after he had lost his cool. He's lost his cool after 18 went serious and he realized how overwhelmed he is.

As for Trunks, I think the mere fact that his sword got broken on 18's arms speaks volumes of how much stronger she is. Sure, he could cut through Frieza without any problem, since he was vastly weaker; of course Goku needed to focuse quite some ki in his finger to deflect said sword. 18 just casually blocked it.

Maybe 17 is right and the combined forces of Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo and Tien would've been enough to beat his sister, but then again, I don't know what he bases his statment on without a scouter or the ability to sense energy. I think he didn't want his sister have all the fun for herself.

And Goku wouldn't waste his energy... except he totally would. Remember his fight against 19? Even after witnessing how the android had absorbed Goku's Kamehameha it took Piccolo's warning to prevent him from firing it again. That doesn't seem very economic if you ask me.

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@dbzk1999: ignore power levels for a minute, what did vegeta and trunks do? Vegeta was cocky, went in all guns blazing and got beat down. What did trunks do? He ran in, did the same as vegeta and got beat down. The main way the androids won was by outlasting the z fighters and and getting them to go all out. Goku isn't like that, the guys a tactical genius and tends to feel his opponents out. He wouldn't just rush in and tire himself out. Vegeta was visibly harming 18, his downfall was being arrogant. Goku could possibly take 18, I don't know about 17 though.

I'll call in my go to dbz guy and see what he thinks in this @pope52 what are your thoughts?

I don't know, I seem to recall that Vegeta managed to land in quite a few hits (and even a rather hefty ki blast), and 18 seemed uninjured. Sure, Piccolo had mentioned that 18 is slowly getting the upper hand, but it also looked like as if 18 was merely toying with him. Remember, even Trunks was knocked out by two hits, and he was almost as strong as Vegeta, further showing that 18 wasn't giving her all. As for Vegeta, I don't think his arrongace has hindered him in any way other than not letting Trunks and co help him. After all, he was smart enough to actually get rid of 19's absorbers before blasting him into oblivion. If the power gap between him and 18 would've been as small as you've implied Vegeta should've been able to at least draw some blood. That's my two cents.

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@SwampPing: Huh, that's pretty crazy. But hey, it's still better than a cahinsaw with slow killing venom-tipped katana blades for teeth, right? Also, I thing Hawk-Girl looks an awfully lot like Jenny Sparks from The Authority here...

A very entertaining list, it was pleasantly surprising to hear for once something about the current Transformers comic series. The two current ongoing titles, More Than Meets The Eye and Robots In Disguise really deserve some attention. MTMTE has some excellent writing to offer with multilayered, unique plots, deep, subtle characterization, some nice stylistic variety and humor that actually contributes to the narration and the character's personality rather than derail from them. It's easily the best TF comic we had in decades (if ever).

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Debates about Spider.Man vs Wolverine also pop up relatively often. We had quite a few Midnighter vs mid tiers\street levellers in the past. Not quite as popular as some of the previously mentioned battles, but they can be seen every now and then.

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A petty pocket thief wearing the mask could stopm LoBo, the Main Man himself. 'Nuff said.

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Ten years ago my answer would've been Cyclops, but I don't think Marvel wants us to respect him too much lately. I'm going to cheat here and say Drizzt do'Urden (after all, he WAS starring in a few comic books as well). It might just be a phase, but I find him a bit tiresome at the moment.

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I'm a big fan of putting Wolverine in scenarios devoid of planet threatening spervillains and cosmic quests, having him deal with crime gangs and serial killers and such instead. If it's going to be at least half as good as Grag Rucka's run then it's worth following