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...jackets are the new capes.
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It's an interesting idea. I'm actually really diggin Shadowland as an event. It's not too big for its own good, and is pretty logical...until Ghost Rider randomly pops up, but...statistically speaking, some hero was going to go crazy and do something like this. It happens.
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I agree, the show doesn't hold up too well anymore, but it's a part of my childhood, and I enjoy it. But why isn't Morbius's power-redo in here? They tried to make him less scary by giving him suckers on his hands and by turning him into a bigger bat mutant than he already is! How was that suppose to be less scary than the original? How?! That gave me nightmares for years! Years! Thank you Fox for one of the worst ideas ever. MZ3 Zombie Morbius wasn't even that bad!
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Well, considering what we know about what happens to humans exposed to the Mists, it's usually not so good in the long run. Either their powers freak out, or they become dangerously addicted to the them. I'm thinking it will be gradual, then it will burst out in one issue. Then it will become a moral dilemma on whether to kill him or something.
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If there are no good teachers, then kids will read comics because they are too dumb to read anything else is what is implied, thus saying that comics are dumb and bad.
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Same here. This ad is clearly hanging onto the old steriotype that comics are evil or only for dumb people. What evidense is there that reading comics hurt you? Most of the people I know who read them may not be the best socializers, but they're pretty well-rounded. I know I shouldn't post this here, but it's just so stupid. Why not blame real threats, like hunger and the underexposure so many children in our country have to books? Anything that gets these kids reading is 90% a good thing.
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I was under the impression that Franken-Castle was more a deconstruction on how serious fans take comics, to the point where all fun is taken out and no creativity is allowed at all.
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@Wounding Factor: 
 I just want to say this: Laura is the person you know has a problem. She let's you know through the obvious cutting and social anxiety. She also has shown a willingness and a want to change and get help. She's a teenager, so most therapists will tell you that she'd be hard to treat just because she's in such a transitional period of her life. But she does want to mostly get better. Daken's not like that. To most people, he seems fine, and he does a pretty good job of hiding it from most of the people around him. And he hasn't shown any real sign of wanting to change. I have to agree with the other guy that he does have way more abandonment issues than realized. Sure, he wanted Romulus's power, but he also wanted to kill him just so he could be the one to do it, and so that, in a sense, he could leave him before he left him. In fact, his relationship with Logan looks kinda like the relationship lots of rather messed up people have with their parents, where the child abuses the parent and the parent, especially someone like Logan who's never dealt with someone of Daken's "age" and sex, just kinda takes it and does what they can to minimize damage. I'm not saying one has it better than the other, but I do think that we should acknowledge that Daken is just not right.
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I hope they don't turn this into Eraserhead. Why am I worried about them turning this is into a bad Eraserhead clone?
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I say keep him a villain for awhile. It would definitely make it more interesting for whoever else will be DD. But they won't, because the fanboys will cry afoul and threaten to kill Quesada again. Damn those murderous fanboys they ruin everything! Why do they hate good ideas?