Transformer Extra Hurt

Sucky title for a blog, jeez not one of my best...But onto a more serious matter. An extra for the Transformers 3 movie was seriously injured in an apparent stunt. It here in this article: This is just a reminder to how dangerous making a movie can be, especially when you deal with such massive equipment. This post is also a shoutout to all of the people, not just the actors and director or the people we usually see involved in film. Please, if you know someone who does anything dangerous for the, um, betterment of our culture-then again, the second one did did make us appreciate the first one more though, so I guess that's something-give them a hug and a thank you. They probably deserve it. And a pray for this woman, because the details just sound, hm...they make me cringe, let's say that.
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Posted by MrDirector786

Yeah, doing stunts can be dangerous. To be honest, I thought the second movie was WAY better than the first.