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@captain_batman_ftw: What avatar do you wish to use? If I try to update it from my side, I could see if the problem is with the tools or with the avatars themselves.

But yes, avatars do not update immediately when they're changed - they're cached pretty heavily and can take a while to update. They should update eventually, though, so if it's not changing within a day or so, let me know and I can try to do it from my end.

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I filed a ticket that will hopefully allow people to be re-added to PMs after they get ejected, but it likely won't get worked on until early January.

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I can see if we can do this - I think originally the idea was to not allow this due to people forcing others back into PMs that they intentionally removed themselves from, but it should (hopefully) be easy enough to reverse. It'd be unlikely to get done before the holidays, unfortunately.

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Logging in should be working now; let me know here if there are any more issues.

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The engineers are working to fix the login/logout issues first and then will be looking at stuff like this.

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Yep, it looks like logins/outs are busted here and on GB. An engineer's looking into it and hopefully it'll be resolved soon.

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I chatted with an engineer about this today and I'm told that there may be some issues with the server cluster that CV is hosted on. None of the engineers (nor myself) have seen this personally, though, so tracking it isn't easy. If you're affected by this, it would help if you list any other alts that you might have when you post in this thread - just in case that might be causing this issue.

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If you've had issues uploading from URLs, try it now and see if it works:

If you're having issues uploading from your desktop, try emailing me at support at and I can have an engineer look into your account.

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@rorie: Hey, Rorie, @cbishop here. I don't know if it's related, but this BumpInTheNight (BITN) account is my only alt. I signed into it, and got notifications that someone had mentioned me in a comment. They had actually mentioned cbishop, not BITN.

Forgive me for groping blindly at an explanation, with my non-IT skills, but if notifications are connected to the IP address I use somehow, is that why my alt account is getting notifications for my cbishop account?

And could that be why others are missing their notifications- it being redirected to their alts? (Although I got the same notifications on my cbishop account, so I'm shooting in the dark here.)

This could be a problem for families that use the same computer. For instance, my mom sometimes signs into her Comic Vine account from my computer, when she visits. :)

Hmm, I suppose that's possible, but I'd figure it to be unlikely. But I'll see if I can try testing it on an alt of mine to see if I can replicate that behavior.