Scott Pilgrim's Expectations

  Well, I'm from Mexico, and the tittle should tell you that the movie distribution here SUCKS, big time, and it's a fact. Supposedly, the movie was going to arrive TOMORROW, but, now we will have to wait until the 2nd week of November to FINALLY watch the movie. But, i could bet my soul that the half of the people who wanted to see the movie and almost every curious guy that founded the movie had already watched it by A)Downloading it B)Buying a bootleg. I'm not into that stuff, honestly, i do not like piracy (is that the right term?) at all, and, I'm not going to lie, i was tempted to download it (and i fact i downloaded it (...) but it was in Russian ...). But that's not the point of this entry.  So, let's move on.
What i expect:
Lots of Ramona.
Lots of Clash at Demonshead
Lots of Sex Bob-omb
Lots of Crash n the boys
A decent non exagerated Gideon fight.

NV vs Ramona
Knives vs Ramona
At least a Mr. Chau cameo
Cool t-shirts

And, overall, a nice adaptation, not a exact replica but a respectful ode to the gamer/geek/hipster. 
Posted by dcam

They changed the ending rather a bit, no?