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@danhimself said:

@war_killer: if that even is Coulson...I still think that he's an LMD or something or at the very least he's been brainwashed for some unknown reason...the " It was magical" everytime someone mentions Tahiti just screams BRAINWASHING

Oh, the moment Maria Hill mentioned how he could "never know" and the doctor saying" he really doesn't know" just screamed that Coulson was an LMD. That's probably why he doesn't say anything else about Tahiti, because he's only programmed to believe he was there "recovering" from Loki's attack, but in reality he probably was only brought online sometime after his death.

But really, it the comics LMD's were programmed to believe they were really the person they were pretending to be, even after the realize they're an LMD they still be believe they're the person they thought they were. I have a feeling that Skye's going to figure out that somethings up with Coulson and when he tries to remember his time in Tahiti he's going to figure out what's really going on.

I'll be severely disappointed if Coulson turns out to be an LMD. It'll feel like such a cop out, rather than trying to be a little more creative with his return. I mean, this is the Marvel Universe, where numerous Magical and Cosmic beings exist, there's so many ways they could resurrect him instead of just going the "He's a Robot" route.

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People complaining about Superman killing really annoys me. He's not like Batman who's taken a strict vow to never kill, he just rarely needs it as an option since he is Superman. There's been times, in canon, where as an absolute last resort he's killed a Villain. Doomsday immediately comes to mind as an example.

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Yeah, I don't see this lasting. The whole Superman-Wonder Woman pairing was a lame attempt to grab attention and bring in new readers, which is fine I guess in a team book, but to devote an entire series to it? I just don't think there's enough there for a worthwhile story.

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Defenders of the Earth: the Comic? I'm interested.

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I think it would be really cool if it's Thomas Wayne who's been displaced after the Flashpoint universe was unwritten when New Earth was reformed. That was a very interesting character and I'd certainly like to see more of him.

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I don't care about the how, I think it would be totally awesome if it was Thomas Wayne.

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I, for one, am really excited about this.

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Yes, I say canonize Carry Kelly.

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It's obviously fake, the character models for the Bat villains are definitely from the Arkham games. Also, as someone else pointed out, there's the clipping issue with Croc's hand and Flashes Head.

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Old Man Logan sequel? I doubt it, but one could hope.

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