Have comic books started to regress to the 90's? Romulus Rants V2

For those of you that read my first "rant" i say thank you, but the time has come for more of my thoughts and i love you all for reading. I'm going to try and keep this one simple.

Character designs in comics is getting pretty bad. In the late 80's through the 90's we saw a change from sleek costume designs to clunky "realistic" designs that seemed to be more geared towards combat. It seemed as though artists were trying to give us good reasons as to why this character had all of these gadgets and weapons and how exactly he or she held them all. This gave way to what i like to call the "Utility belt/ Cargo Pants" era. Rob Liefeld gained prominence in this time, presumably because he read an ad in a news paper saying: "Hey do you draw comics with the imagination of a six year old? Do you want to be the Michael Bay of comics? Then give us a call!" Needless to say he became an artist and we were subjected to wonky character proportions for years.


Something happened in the early thousands. Aquaman decided to shave! Superman cut his hair! And Kyle Rayner traded one bad costume for another, but hey progress rather than perfection right? We comic readers finally saw the industry slip back into that classic "superhero" feel, and let me tell you, it felt good.


Ever since comic book movies have gained momentum we have seen the character design in comics decline and regress to their former not-so-glory. Now, i'm not asking "why?" because i know the answer. Audiences respond better to what is easier to understand. Batman needs armor in a movie because an audience member would criticize the idea of a man in spandex running around a grim and grey city. Hey, if that is what the movie needs to sell, then fine. WHAT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND, is why oh why does that little thing have to translate to the comics. Look if you read my last rant you know that i have an issue with streamlining comics and films, but at the same time do see some benefit for new readers, but come on, the costumes too??

Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, Nightwing, Captain America, Hawkeye, Deathstroke, Hawkman these are just SOME of the characters whose costumes have been changed to A. reflect a film or B. seem more realistic.


Now, i understand everyone has different opinions, and that SOMEONE has to like Rob Liefeld or he would not still be in the comic industry. These are just my thoughts and any feedback, negative or positive, is very much appreciated. Let's all just hope that Daredevil is not the next to be changed. His film costume was atrocious.

Your friend,