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Dear God, what even gave you the impression that he's the embodiment of invincibility? And this makes him more powerful than Galactus? But then again, you believe that Dr Strange is more powerful than Galactus LOL, so never mind.

Think im done here.

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@alberto_weskardo said:

I still don't see how the Celestials win this. 1) They were having problems with Ego. 2) They were having problems with Thanos with the IG 3) They were having problems with the Fantastic Four 4) They were having problems with Dr. Doom. 5) They were having problems with Beyonder.. The list just goes on.

The celestials never had problems with Ego; not in 616 at least. They had problems with Super-Ego who's much more powerful than Ego; Ego was only a small part of him. Or you're referring to an alternate reality Ego, in which case: It's non-canon, not to mention that Ego was running away from the celestials in that instance so that he could make the Earth sentient (like himself) so that it could help him defeat the alternate celestials.

Yes, because 2 celestials having trouble against IG Thanos is a very low showing. Nice logic.

What instance of the F4 are you referring to? If you're referring to Sue destroying Exitar then it's more like Sue destroyed them with their own power source, hyperspace. Only Sue's powers would work on the celestials.

You mean mad celestials were having problems, but anyway, the Doom instance took place off-panel, everyone thought he was dead the first second the celestials blasted him.

Are you even seeing what you're typing? Because celestials losing to Pre-retcon Beyonder --- same guy who was blinking away universes just by thinking and was a million times more powerful than everyone in the multiverse combined --- means that they lose to Cyttorak? That's utter nonsense.

Post-retcon Beyonder (Kosmos) admitted that the Celestials can destroy her and Kubik easily, btw.

Cyttorak had never once had problems with any other character but its own when he tests Cain to become worthy as the Juggernaut. Cain is the only one who can defeat it when Cain is powered up by Cyttorak itself. Doesn't anyone see the paradox with that statement?

Dude you need to stop with this Cyttorak nonsense. Cyttorak lost to juggernaut period (the handbook confirms it). And he was also sent away from Earth which is how he ended up in the crimson cosmos.

Not to mention that he's equal to everyone else in octessence, a bunch of beings no more powerful than skyfathers. If you're gonna try and say that he's the most powerful member, then provide proof, because from what ive seen they're all equals.

he get stomped by the celestials, no doubt about it.

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@baron_von_santa said:

max can remake realty, and that woman said she could never do that.

Can't you read or something? First Max is asked if he can repair the world, he says he can't, then Void is asked, she responds that she can't as well, nor Hadrian

But by all means, continue your nonsense.

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@rolldestroyer: i am not even going to take you seriously from now on. if you think that woman was max, then i am concerned for your intellect.

OMG, are you serious, or are you pretending to be dumb? Don't act like you don't know what i was referring to. But okay if you want to be spoon-fed like children then so be it:

But ah, of course, you don't know what happened at the time because you didn't read. After Armageddon happened (where Post humans destroyed most of the world), Max is asked to repair the world, and he said he couldn't.

"the woman" who you're referring to was Void (not that you'd know), and she was referring to Captain Atom: Armagedon where she rebooted the Wildstorm universe while tapping into Captain Atom's power.

But yes, continue to pretend that you actually know what you're talking about.

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@baron_von_santa said:

edit; that was not max. and please do not use that kind of language.

Lol! This literally shows that you have no place debating here. You don't even know how the character looks. But yeah, sure, that's "not Max", LOL:

You have no place debating here, when you know how the character even looks, get back to me. Lol.

As of now: You're not worthy of acknowledgment.

And honestly, you're better off not responding now. You've been embarrassed enough.

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@baron_von_santa said:

well, you have no scans to prove your point

Lol, i do have scans. I just don't like to spam scans like you do. But if we're gonna play this game, might as well:

In World's End, Max Faraday couldn't repair the Earth despite being near-full power:

Seriously comparing Max to Beyonder, and saying that Franklin is insignificant to him, just screams out ignorance about the character.

@baron_von_santa said:

lol. next time, please read the scans i have posted before posting, making an earth is far from his best feat.

Lol indeed.

Let me ask you this: Do you admit that you utterly failed when you claimed that he created his own multiverse simply because you didn't bother to read the scans?

And you still have the balls to tell me that i don't read scans?

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I don't care to continue where your scans come from or if you read the series or not, so let's stay on topic:

What's Max's best feat, then? Id like to hear it. Because as far as im concerned, it's creating those Earth like planets.

Another thing, What makes you think he's even multiversal? Considering that those same scans refer to potential rather than actual feats; Lynch said that the omniverse will collapse on itself and no such thing happened so why shouldn't i dismiss it as a hyperbole?

You also realize that Max (while at near full power) couldn't repair the Earth, right? So again, what makes you think he's so beyond Franklin?

Yeah, i think what we've established here, is that your claims are far from the truth.

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@baron_von_santa said:


he is the god of his multiverse (or in other words, omniverse, but i hate that word)

He isn't the god of his multiverse. He controlled reality through the hollow realm which in turn gives you control over the rest of reality. Max being the most powerful being in the Wildstorm verse would be great if there are actually powerful characters there. There are no legit multiversal characters there other than Jenny fractal who's dead and even that's questionable. You should read the comics rather than spam scans from other websites.

you know what you should lol at? when you implied that you think i did not read the series, when you do not know the first thing about the character, much less the series.

lol at the hypocrite.

I don't really care if you stole the scans or not, but you sure did not read the series (which is ok, the main problem here is that you're just randomly posting scans without even reading them yourself). You also thought comparing Max to Franklin is like comparing Galactus to spiderman. That literally screams that you have no idea about what you're talking about.

Good to see that you finally saw how clueless you are when you claimed he created a multiverse rather than Earth-like planets. It's literally in the scans you posted but you don't even bother reading them.

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@baron_von_santa: Did you actually read the series? I ask because what you claim is far from the truth.

Max never created a multiverse, he created Earth-like planets. And that's it. That would be his best feat also.

Lol at comparing Max to the Beyonder.