For Helix fans... That was a bit of a let down...

What do you think?

I say it was over too fast, too sudden. I kind of understand the "not the same" bit... But she wasn't able to explore that side of herself before... It was always about separating herself from Wolverine and finding that piece of herself to call her own... However, in terms of intimate relationships, well... It wasn't tackled during her series for her to abruptly severe ties with Julian just like that...

Upsets me. It wasn't elaborately justified.

Seriously, Julian is the next Magneto. Burned to a crisp. Emasculating. Oh well...

What say you?

Posted by k2

Oh, I 100% agree. Issue #19 = terrible.

Handled so very poorly. Not just speaking as a helix fan here. Laura was cold and out of character. She is not heartless. She can sense when others are in pain, and has had friendships before. Julian is/was her *friend*. At the very least, I expected a "I'm sorry, we can still be friends" or something. Instead she just walks off. Her reaction to him risking his life (again) to save her, in space? "Oh. Yes, that was brave". WTF!

And as for Helix as a relationship, this was way too abrupt. It was done because the title was being cancelled and she's being moved to Avenger's Academy. I bet she'll be paired up with someone on that team, and Julian will be treated like a fart in the wind (yeah unromantic description that describes how marvel treats him). To me, that is just...stupid. Obviously what they had was a bit more than a crush. I counted about three times that Julian saved Laura's life, and there are more than that for Laura saving/avenging his.

What really happened here: Kyle and Yost are Helix shippers. They were implying there was possibility for something real. Liu is just not a shipper, and thus downplayed her character's emotions to ensure no one will ever put them together. I say that because she put permanence on the ending, having Laura have a change of heart instead of just a fight or something that can be undone.

Alright, that's my thoughts on that. :-)

Posted by rokusan23

@k2: Yeah, it seemed that Liu made Laura seal their fate (not) together. And yes, I also believe that Laura will hook up with one of them Avenger kids... don't they all do? Its like the Academy is one big suped-up Jersey Shore. I remember when Laura's crush started, it was when Julian risked his life to save hers... LOL, now this "K, Thnx, bye." This is totally out of character. I bet if Julian hadn't stayed to wait for her, she woulda just went her nilly way.

I think the root of our disappointment is the misleading cover of #19... O_O I mean, for a fan... seeing them in such a provocative position... we couldn't help but assume. I feel really bad for Julian... There he goes offering himself and... well, an arrow to the knee.

My love for Laura kind of quivered... but one has to remember that it is the writer's doing. But meh, oh well... Marvel lost me. I haven't been a fan for long anyways... Back to manga.

Posted by MetallicMercury

I actually thought they were going to sleep together at the end of the issue. No idea why, I just had that feeling. The cover was so misleading, I thought this was Laura's big chance to have a (seemingly normal) relationship. It was so unilke her; he kisses her and she essentially said, "I know I stalked you, but I've got over it". She was pretty much in love with him, and eventually I think he started to fall for her too. The chemistry was just killed off, it was so out of character for her; do you really think that she was just going to tell the boy she obsessed over for so long, that she just didn't want him anymore? Way to kill of everything she is, Marvel.

Posted by k2

@MetallicMercury: 100% agreement. I suspected something like this would happen since she is changing series...but it's wrong. That's what annoyed me--this didn't seem like just a high school crush sort of thing. Those two were in love! They saved eachother's lives multiple times, and I don't think Laura would sit by his stretcher with her last minutes before a suicide mission if she didn't truly feel something--the kind of something that can't be killed off quickly. Such an OOC response, and it didn't even match up with issue 18, where she kind of encourages the kiss (and defends her own actions re: leaving the school).

Posted by Wishful_Thinker
That issue was pure evil. Pure. Evil.  
And It was way too OOC I think. I'm scared about her hooking up with one of the AA kids too. Ugh. Just ugh.  
And talk about character abuse. Julian has been through way too much now, that was the only thing he had left. He didn't just lose Laura as a romantic interest, he lost his best friend.  
And Gambit's comment? "Is he dead?" "No." "Too bad." Very, very poor taste. 
Ugh, sorry. I could go on forever but I seriously have been crying over this since Wednesday. 
At least... he was her real first kiss I guess. =\ You never forget that.
Posted by rokusan23

Me too. Me too. Or at least a tearful goodbye... not that... kick in the crotch.

@MetallicMercury said:

I actually thought they were going to sleep together at the end of the issue.
Posted by rokusan23

@Wishful_Thinker said:

That issue was pure evil. Pure. Evil.

And It was way too OOC I think. I'm scared about her hooking up with one of the AA kids too. Ugh. Just ugh.

I really think she'll hook up with one of them... I mean, they all do. Haha. At some point right? Hm? Yeah, glass shattered when I read that part. I'm like, OMG. You ungrateful b*tch! >:O Meh, this is the writer's doing. Kyle and Yost would always be the best when writing her. It really seems everything is over between them though. Too bad... They had great chemistry. But this is comics after all... not like some shoujo manga. No really hook up for long :/ Either they find another true love or one of them dies. It was fun while it lasted.

Posted by VenomMelendez

It was justified. Julian is a jerk and he has been a to Laura to, especially back in the New X-Men days, he would throw insults at her. Laura really deserves better.

When Laura gets into an intimate relationship, it should be a healthy one and someone who isn't a jerk to her.

Posted by snyderman567

Fuck Hellion