X-23 and Mettle?

I dunno about you guys, but future Reptil is sorta hinting that Mettle and Laura are supposed to have a little something…. if he didn’t intervene. Possibly on Hazmat’s request.

"Watch out Hazmat looks like you've got competition."

"Just like that, everything changes."

Hmmm.... Changes what, I wonder?

But didnt alternate reality/future Reptil go there to make SURE that the future (?) belonged to THEM? Why the animosity to X-23? Surely, she isnt part of the "THEM" he mentioned. Maybe nothing reciprocal on her part, maybe just Mettle feeling things. After all, he's currently looking for a brother-in-blood, he used to have it with Veil remember? They even bonded. But she's gone now. So the Yoda of Killers has reassured him, eased his mind about something disturbing.

"We may converse anytime you wish." Surely, Mettle would have exercised that offer. And I think they would talk and until a bond is formed. Resulting to a rather jealous Hazmat.

(O_O ) You dump Julian for dat guy?

He’s nice and all… But… Meh. Helix all the way.

(O_O ) anyone who doesnt have skin is not fit for Laura.


For Helix fans... That was a bit of a let down...

What do you think?

I say it was over too fast, too sudden. I kind of understand the "not the same" bit... But she wasn't able to explore that side of herself before... It was always about separating herself from Wolverine and finding that piece of herself to call her own... However, in terms of intimate relationships, well... It wasn't tackled during her series for her to abruptly severe ties with Julian just like that...

Upsets me. It wasn't elaborately justified.

Seriously, Julian is the next Magneto. Burned to a crisp. Emasculating. Oh well...

What say you?