Youth of the Nation

The descendants of superheros and villains from both Marvel and DC.

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Posted by EganTheVile1

How about...

Richard Fisk (The Rose/Blood Rose) son of the Kingpin

Cassondra Castle-Daughter of Punisher and Elektra

Franklin Castle-Grandson of Punisher and Elektra

Violator, Vandalizer, Vindicator, Victimizer, Vertebreaker, Vascilator (children of Maelbolgia)

Blackheart (son of Mephisto)

Daimon and Satana Hellstrom (son and daughter of the devil)

Shadow (Jones) adopted daughter of Casey Jones

Carnage "son" of Venom

Scream "Daughter" of Venom

Agony "Daughter" of Venom

Riot "Son" of Venom

Lasher "son" of Venom

Phage "son" of Venom

Hybrid "son" of Venom

Toxin "son" of Carnage, "grandson" of Venom