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I really don't like her current costume. I mean a scarf? seriously?

In terms of character development, she lacks the spark of her 90s self. But I think she has developed a bit, not a lot, but a bit.

But she does get a bit boring nowadays.

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1. Because X-Men need a shake up in the status quo. It's been kind of stale in terms of character dynamics in the last few years. And I like the idea of Storm being a major player. I want to see more of a reaction from Charles seeing how the X-Men have changed from when he was leading them. And Jean, well, because her presence will definitely cause a riot in the X-Men, good and bad. Her return is kind of overdue and inevitable.

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I hope X-Men.

I hope it's Hope's destiny as the Mutant Messiah to reunite the X-Men, not all this Phoenix stuff.

And I love you Cyke, but seriously? The Phoenix Force? You're logic has no sound.

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Rogue is in X-Men Legacy, along with Gambit, Frenzy and Rachel Grey. They don't occur in alternate universes, some do depending on an arc. Marvel has a "floating timeline" meaning you are going to have to take some liberties about what happens when. Uncanny X-Force is awesome, Psylocke, Wolverine, Fantomex, Deapool and now AoA Nightcrawler head that series.

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I am 18 years old, I live in Australia. I am fiercely defensive about my red hair. I am going to pursue Nursing in uni and I have a great love for history and mythology.

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Nah. She's over him.

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It seems a bit clunky but I really love it:)

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@Rabbitearsblog said:

@WarMachineMarkV said:

- Far too many Marvel writers need to re-learn a basic lesson about their craft. It is not only their job to tell me what happens, but also to show me why. The suspension of disbelief does not hold when nothing seen is explained and in many cases flies in the face of past canon.

Exactly! I'm starting to really doubt these events nowadays because Marvel never want to explain to the audience about why these events come about and instead they are just forcing them on the fans instead of just explaining why they began in the first place. I still think that Avengers vs. X-Men is too forced and not a lot of time went into explaining why the X-Men and the Avengers would even fight each other.

Agreed. The events come and go to give them any real depth.

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eight years old

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That is actually a really good parody:D Must learn lyrics....