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Posted by Mr.Q
I almost expected to see the red lantern cat on here. the little fire spiting critter pops up on all these lists. nice to see not everyone conforms. nice non the less. congrats.
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@Mr.Q: lol :)
Posted by Mr.Q
@rogue_mar1e: why hate when you can love right? but you must admit a flaming blood spiting kitty is kinda funny. keep it up and keep in touch.
Posted by Hawkeye446

Nice to see Indigo and Sister Sercy there..

Posted by rogue_mar1e
@Hawkeye446:  :)
Posted by Hawkeye446
but what about Larsfleeze... He is so funny !!!
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@Hawkeye446 said:

" @rogue_mar1e: but what about Larsfleeze... He is so funny !!! "

good point :D
Posted by Hawkeye446
neither am I, but he is really the only one considering all the others are just light.. such a depressing story.. but he is still so funny.
Posted by Miss Menace

Jade !

Posted by rogue_mar1e
@Miss Menace said:
" Jade ! "
Posted by Miss Menace
@rogue_mar1e: She's cute and awesome !
Posted by Donnieman v5.1

Very nice :D

Posted by rogue_mar1e
@Donnieman v5.1 said:
" Very nice :D "
thankyou x)
Posted by Silkcuts

Kyle is better then
You should sit Kyle #2 and Hal #3, and how come no more earth lanterns? Jade is there, but no daddy.  no worries about John Stewart, I don't think anyone likes him. j/k
enjoyed the list a lot a few shockers, like Bleez.  Red Lantern Guy I think is my fave Red Lantern.

Posted by rogue_mar1e
@Silkcuts: LOL i love Hal & Kyle both :P glad you like the list :D
Posted by Sexy Merc

Nice list. :D

Posted by rogue_mar1e
@Sexy Merc: thankyou thankyou x)
Posted by Lance Uppercut

Sinestro is a total BAMF

Posted by rogue_mar1e
@Lance Uppercut: Agreed .
Posted by entropy_aegis

I demand hank henshaw/cyborg superman be made a part of the top 10.LOL 
but cool list otherwise.
Posted by rogue_mar1e
@entropy_aegis said:
" I demand hank henshaw/cyborg superman be made a part of the top 10.LOL but cool list otherwise. "
he annoys me xP 
but thanks :D
Posted by IronSpidy-Rooney

Class list :)

Posted by rogue_mar1e
@IronSpidy-Rooney said:
" Class list :) "
Thank you ^___^
Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Yay Hal!!!!
Posted by doomsilver

nice list
Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Nice list, glad to see someone else digs Karu-Sil.

Posted by rogue_mar1e
@DoomDoomDoom: Thanks, yeah she's crazy :P
Posted by Hawkeye446

How unbelievable.. I come onto this list and found that nearly exactly what I was about to say... I already have... again... -_-

Anyway, FATALITY! Yayaa :)

Posted by doomsilver

this is a nice list i like most of them

Posted by rogue_mar1e

@doomsilver: Thank you. :)

Posted by Jya666

Nice list :)))