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I love you for posting these videos! Thank you for sharing!!! :D

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I am unable to complete the Energizing The Crew quest, and have been told that it is broken and I ought to post here.

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I'm having the same problem, fenixREVOLUTION.
It stinks. :(

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Already being a fan of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's lovely oils, and also of Linsner's Dawn, I was sooooo geeked to see this:

Official Press Release

Hero Initiative is spending the long Labor Day weekend at Dragon*Con, the multi-media and pop culture convention at the Atlanta Convention Center in Atlanta, Georgia September 3rd -6th.

Joining Hero is special guest George Pérez, known for his work on The Avengers, Justice League America and the New Teen Titans. Pérez will be doing quick head sketches for $20 each to raise money for Hero Initiative, the first federally recognized not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping comic book writers and artists in need, at booth #BT-20 all weekend. Don’t miss out!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab will debut limited edition scents based on the groundbreaking comic book series Dawn by Joseph Michael Linsner. These four scents, Dawn: Maiden, Dawn: Mother, Dawn: Crone and Dawn: Cernunnos, will debut at Dragon*Con’s Pop Art Reception Exclusives Release Party on Friday September 3 at 8:30 p.m. at Regency V in the Atlanta Hyatt Regency. Following the reception, the fragrances will be available at Hero Initiative booth and the Linsner booth, BT-18 and 19, in the Grand Hall East of the Hyatt Regency. They will also be available starting Tuesday, Sep. 7 at

Proceeds from every $25 bottle sold go to the Hero Initiative. Joseph Michael Linsner will be on hand at Dragon*Con, which also hosts The Dawn Look-a-Like contest, which will be held this year on Saturday, September 4 at 8 p.m.

And as George Pérez is at Dragon*Con, we'll ALSO have a limited supply Black Phoenix’ Sachs and Violens perfume based on the Peter David/George Pérez comic. For more information, check out:

Hero Initiative’s booth schedule for booth #BT-20 is as follows:

FRI, September 3 (event hours 1-6 p.m.)
230-330: Mike McKone
400-600: George Perez

SAT, September 4 (event hours 10 a.m-6 p.m.)
1230-430: George Perez

SUN, September 5 (event hours 10 a.m-6 p.m.)
1230-230: Mike McKone

MON, September 6 (event hours 10 a.m-3 p.m.)
1030-1230: George Perez

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@goldenkey: I know who she is. She's gross. I can't stand her OR Beak. *throws up a little in my mouth*
When I said "you lost me", I didn't mean that I didn't know who she was... I meant that if she's in it, I ain't gonna bother with this lame-ass movie.

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I would prefer to see her as Talia - it would be lovely to have her try to avenge her father's "death" on Batman, only to have him make a miraculous return thanks to the Lazarus Pit... FUN!

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I'm pullin' for the Black Cat! *smirk*

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I hope FOX has their interns digging around on this and other websites/forums, so that they know that the fans don't support what's been pitched to the public so far.
Scrap most of what you have, FOX, and start over. Try again. PLEASE! We want an AWESOME movie with a GREAT cast that does the COMICS justice. PLEASE US X-MEN FANS. Isn't that your freaking job?
*le sigh*

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I don't want to bother anymore. You lost me at "Angel Salvadore".

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I wonder if there's any connection to the Five Lights...
What if the "spare" powers from Cerebro's X-Men were left floating around after M-Day... and they became infused (thanks to Hope and the Phoenix Force/ Jean Grey) within NEW characters?