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I don't officially keep a pull list, there are certain titles I pick up on a monthly basis but a lot of times I fall behind in that format and just end up picking up the trades when they come out. I like going after comics that are already done, it's easier to keep track of then new titles that could get delayed or go on hiatus and what-not.

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@Billy Batson said:

Probably Chew from Image and 100 Bullets from Vertigo.

Excluding ongoings (as an ending is an essential part of a series) and excluding my favorite series of all time (because it will always be the answer otherwise):

  • Transmetropolitan (started as Helix but the Vertigo years were the best stuff anyways)
  • Battle Pope (even if it was reprints, it was colored for the first time at Image...most of their best stuff is ongoing)

Image is entering their Golden Age (in terms of quality/diversity, not popularity) whereas Vertigo peaked in popularity the same time Image did and hit the stage in its quality/diversity development a decade ago that Image is at now. So Image has the potential now to be what Vertigo was, but Vertigo is almost dead at this point and probably will fold in the couple years even if the few books it puts out are usually still amazing.

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The weird part about this is the points you make suggest they aren't exploiting her homosexuality but then all of a sudden you try to say they are without any explanation as to why. They could be exploiting her femininity but that's a completely different issue. In fact, Batwoman gets very little publicity in comparison to most DC comics. I think if anything would cause people to pick it up, it would be that it's easily one of the best comics in DC in the art department on a consistent basis and if I was unfamiliar with the concept of the book, art of that quality and the fact the title tells me it's somewhat related to the Bat-franchise would get me to read it. Sexual exploitation is hardly even relevant in her scenario because her covers always showcase the magnificent art style and have never sexualized the character from what I can see whereas most heterosexual females and males use sex appeal as part of their draw.

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Anything that my bosses say or think.

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@SmashBrawler said:

@x_29 said:

For me its from an issue of DC's countdown where Donna Troy utters "Retodd" as some sort of joke.

Yes, that was absolutely godawful.

what is the context for that joke(?), does it make it better or worse because just that one panel I wouldn't even know it was supposed to be humorous and for all I know she just punched someone and he's saying good one to that

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Then you would have to make many more pages for other incarnations of X-Force and following that pattern, you'd have hundreds of X-related team pages and nobody would ever be able to find the one they were looking for.

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Shade, the Changing Man

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"Mexican Fiesta" apparently

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Oh, you're one of those people.

Yeah, it'll be legalized and so will bestiality, pedophilia, rape and murder.

This does remind me of Futurama though, Old Man Waterfall is my hero!

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@Eternal19 said:

@Roger Rabbit said:

What right do they have to decide that they know exactly where the line between right and wrong is and that they tend to live on the good side of it?

Not that I think they are arrogant, more naive, but it seems natural why someone would.

they usually are on the side of right.

sure, if you agree with their idea of what's right and wrong, but it's arrogance for them to decide that for themselves, right and wrong is dictated by the majority of whatever given population is affected, not on a person to person basis as there's no such thing as right and wrong and anyone who thinks they personally (not as part of a collective) can decide what it is for themselves or others is arrogant

that's why most characters end up in teams, to balance everything out or why it's now considered backwards to still have a monarchy

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