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@devilsgrin81: Agreed on Larocca. His Storm was the embodiment of beauty and fierceness. And them cakes XD that costume was everything in more ways than one.

But my all time favorite will always be Olivier Coipel. I want to open up a museum with his Storm as the main exhibit.

He definitely needs to make it to an issue or two. He is also a fan of the character.

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@malachi_munroe: you sure have my friend. Amber manifested her powers after she was exposed to the Theta Virus. Before this she was just a typical human with no X-gene.

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First off Magneto didn't stomp Storm in NMH. They're fight was inconclusive but Storm did manage to knock him silly in h2h.

Storm hosting the consciousness of Eternity put her will power on a whole other level than Mags. Even before this instance Storm's will has been established as greater than Mags.

Legion never used tk on Storm in their encounters just his telepathy and other abilities.

A Phoenix host doesn't have to be omega level anything to obtain it's power. Namor, Cyclops, Magik and Colossus are prime examples of this. Heck you don't even have to be a mutant to be a host. Just ask Amber Hunt.

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This looks awesome. I wish that it was for an actual gaming system instead of mobile :/ I wish Marvel would push for more games like X-men Legends or Ultimate Alliance 2. Those games were awesome and I feel a game like this would have sold a lot on a gaming system.

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@thunderbolt30: Oh okay thanks a bunch. I'll be looking out for them numbers around that time lol. I have a feeling it did really well though. There was a ton of feedback since the release.

Also check your PM ;)

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So does anyone know how much the solo sold or did they not post the sales numbers yet?

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Sorry guys I won't be able to update until my laptop is fixed :/ for some reason the Nook erases all the images I uploaded and it will be a pain in the ass (and not the good kind ;)) to upload all those images via Nook. However I may have another alternative. :)

As for the discussion, Pak gave multiple examples of her power working subconsciously.

1. In one of the first few lines she say every nerve of her body is connected to the wind/water vapor.

2. When her wind collided with the tsunami every muscle in her body screamed in pain.

3. She agitated the air molecules in the mansion subconsciously

4. She rode a Storm to Africa over night without even trying.

These are all clear examples of her powers working beyond conscious thought. I'm glad Pak touched on this side of her powerset.

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I will update later tonight guys.