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Mine would be a crossover between "Starseeker" and "The Ultima Weapon" I would name it "Stardusk"....

Posted by ex-dope

honestly, too many keyblades to even start. The fresh breeze keyblade is cool.

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Posted by Omegaman10

fenrir one looked pretty cool.
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Posted by deadpool1fanjon

mine would have the shape of oblivion the handle of Way to the Dawn, and the color of Ultima from kingdom Hearts 2 and Its powers would have the same as Ultima, way of the dawn and oblivion
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All these concepts for overpowered Keyblades... Pathetic. Nightcrawler, however, has a wonderful idea of King Mickey's Kingdom Key. I also like The_Martian's choice of the Oathkeeper, though I would personally choose the Olympia from Kingdom Hearts one, so I could smell the blood and see the fear in my opponent's eyes.