Music Review: Is Techno taking over?

I remember back in the day when techno was this cool sound associated with pop locking and robots. Now it seems as if you can't turn on the radio without listening to some electronica or electronically influenced music. Since the death of the autotune electronic music has spread like wildfire crossing almost every genre from rock to hip hop. I personally love this new era in techno music. I've always thought it was pretty cool. What are some of you guy's opinion istechno taking over or is it just a fad that will be dead by the end of this year? 


Music Review: Ra Ra Riots

The other day I was cleaning up and found a blank CD...I played this CD while cleaning up and fell in love with the band who was playing....Later my roommate came home and we both tried to find the name of the band...Come to find out it was Ra Ra Riot...The name of the album is  "The Rhumb Line" ...A friend of mine made this CD for me and I must admit its one of the best albums I've heard in awhile IMO...It's been rare occasion where i listened to an album from start to finish with out skipping a song...The band has a pop sound however it has some influence from old school rock and classical music...My favorites songs from this album are "Run My Mouth", "Too Too Fast" "Can You Tell" "Ghost Under Rocks' and "Too Dramatic"...For those of you living under a rock here's a clip of the band:


Actors/Actresses who I detest.....

 Michael cera
This has to be one of the laziest actors in Hollywood. He is vastly overrated. He plays the exact same pale faced, sarcastic nerdy kid in every movie he's in. From "Juno" to "Superbad" to "Teen in Revolt" (which was awful by the way). To add to injury, there offbeat Michael Cera genre/type that I’m also starting to notice- particularly in those animated comcast commercials w/ the young adults walking in their own ‘world of entertainment’ singing a tune in a very monotone, dry, cutesy fashion much like every… single… song on the Juno soundtrack.(i.e. The Hard Times of RJ Berger). If Hollywood is reduced to this, than i feel that anyone should make it. If repetitioning the same character makes you millions than everyone should get an acting career. The lack of talent in Hollywood is increasing. Who are some actors or actresses do you detest and why?