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Are their any comic about the Titanic or baste on Titanic, not talking about the movies, I'm talking about the real thing

also do think we need have Titanic comic book or not and why?

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I miss it to my friend, the new 52 is taking it self to serious

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I want to start a topic to talk about Elastic Girls or Female Stretchers as they known and how the media doesn’t do them any justice Elastigirl from The Incredibles is only that get respect in the media others not that luck I’m list few

Spanner, Serpentina and Ultra Woman from marvel because their from attentive time lines and worlds

Rubbermaid (Marvel), Madame Rouge (DC) and Elongated Lass (DC) are dead

Gemini (DC) is only that still active but thanks to DC reboot aka the new 52 i don’t think going see that soon

The question is why are so many Male Stretchers and so little Female Stretchers?

Their indecent comic book artists that draw Elastic Girls and have as main characters in their comic book and stories, on deviant art their whole group devote to them with lot have their oc being Elastic Girls most netball is the ‘Legion of Elastic Women’

So if their fans of Female Stretchers then way their any elastic girls in the media, I want to know what do you think J