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Never read a Suicide Squad comic, but when I read Tom Hardy's name I got excited thinking he'd be reprising his role as Bane. I gotta admit with the actors announced WB has peaked my inrerest, but I don't have a lot of confidence in the studio and the direction they are taking their new movies yet.

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Oh, man, so many great series atm. Great time to be a comic fan. This week for me:



Iron fist

Gotham academy

Detective comics (maybe, I actually enjoyed the last two issues more than the manapul/buch written stories, which weren't bad but not sure is if worth the price tag)

I may also give Sinister Six a try. I only hear great things about the last GS run and I'm curious...can she deliver again?

Thanks Comic Vine for the weekly list, it's one of my favorite site features and a great way to find out about new and current series.

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I've never read earth 2, but that art is amazing

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Horrible design for all the reasons everyone has mentioned on these comments. DC should be ashamed and embarrased for even considering this garbage as a design option in the first place. I will not pay even a penny for a comic with this character in it.

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The most interesting thing about this is that Green Lantern's Cover with Relic is the only one of the covers that doesn't have the #1.

Anyway, I may skip this month entirely. We'll see.

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Year One is my favorite Batman story, so I am a little nervous about this project. I am loving Snyder/Capullo's run and love the opportunity the New 52 gave me to get back into comics and DC without having to deal with all the convoluted continuity, but if there was one story I could choose to stay in the DC cannon, it'd be Year One.

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@dondave: ok, so it is a step sideways LOL. Still, to me her outfit doesnt seem so out of place in the Spawn universe, but in the current Marvel universe it looks tacky and out of the 90's, IMHO.

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That is one ridiculous look, even by the worst comic standards. I dont know the character from her Spawn days, but I am certain she just took a step backwards with this make over.

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Just read it. I loved how it takes advantage of the digital format to create the suspense and give it that eery feeling. Definitely looking forward to next month's issue.

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No impressed by the preview pages, at all. Didn't leave me wanting to read more. Not feeling the art or the narration boxes.

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