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9. Galactis

Ow yerrrr

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This is a briliant theory Hatter but it would be very hard for DC to pull it off. For example i would suggest that it could be a non-cannon thing because 2 of these things would happen, either the joker gets away with it and kills or emprisons a load of heros/civillians/villians, or the joker would be killed and everyone would live               semi-ly happy ever after. But we all know that that would mess up the DCU, so i recon if they made a non-cannon no restrictions "Greatest Joke" then that would be awsome.

On the other hand if the Joker turned around and did this, it wouldnt be the Joker that we know of. His insanity and lack of a big plan to put him to the top or destroy the whole world makes him the Joker. And this is one of the reasons why he is so great.

One other thing too, what would the Joker do if he succeded in watever his "Greatest Joke" is? He would lack a purpose and probably kill himself.

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I thought both the Watchmen Graphic novel was brilliant and so was the movie. I actually thought that the movies changed plot ending was actually way better and more intellegent(as in made more sence) than the GN.

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Well i recon for sh*thead, definatly Christian Bale (or however its spelt) he could do an awsome job. Jonny two dicks could be played by Zac Efron. And obviously Samuel L. Jackson would play the really old guy that is part of the council. Robin Williams could play that scienceist guy.

But remember to have all these awsome/big star actors they would need a zillion dollar budget. But remember watchmen was still awsome even without well know actors.

Ow and the old killer, omg it would so be Bruce Willis.

(soz about the forgeting of names its been awhile since i read wanted)