The Pike: Carnival (Location/Crime Family)

The Pike is a Carnival founded by a group of Villainous Mutants known as "The Mississippi Miscreants." It is still a Carnival to this very day and to the naked eye of the public it even seems like a legitimate business. At the hart of this entertainment racket however lays a rotten core and a dark secret. This Carnival which contains an "Amusement Park" as well as a: "Freak Show", "Circus", "Roller Derby League", and a "Professional Wrestling League"

The Amusement Park: The Amusement Park is just that. It is the fairgrounds. Roller-Coaster Rides, and Gimmick Games Rigged to deceive the paying customers, as well as Food stations serving everything from "Deep Fried Funnel Cake", to "Ice Cold Lemonade."

Freak Show: A series of Mutants with abnormal physical appearances, are put on display for the amusement of the general public.

Circus: A three ring circus. Teeming with performers of many talents, as well as many show animals, and of course clowns.

The League(s): The Pike also has an arena which hosts both the Roller Derby and the Professional Wrestling Leagues on any given night. This arena will be jam packed with raving fans as well as the Mutant sports entertainers. Both of these Leagues are Mutant Leagues, and the performers are all gifted with strange, and unique gifts. Star Rocket is the current Queen of the Roller Derby, she has held the title as the overall leader of the sport for the past three years.

(Now recruiting, to anyone that wants to join create a criminal carny ;)