5 covers

Issue 13 - Artist Esad Ribic

#5 Cover displays just how mean ol AOA Wolvie is, as does the issue itself. C'mon he's choking his wife lol.

Issue 1 - Artist Frank Miller

#4 had to have a Sin City cover in here. Well known Sin City story. Definitely played a part in solidifying my comic book lust. Hard to go wrong with the the Miller silhouette.

Issue 6 - Artist Tony Moore

#3 Silhouette here again. This cover just fully delivers. It is creepy, and sums up the issue. This is what most people want out of their cover.

Issue 5 - Artist Mike Mignola

#2 The red man deserves this spot. Cover one of the first and few times we've seen Hellboy with horns. And by the end of the issue you saw him different.

Issue 12 - Artist Dave Gibbons

#1 This cover to me is the epitome of saving the best for last, great final cover for the original Watchmen.

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