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@GothamRed: There's going to be a pretty nice sized roster of thirty characters I bet. The game is probably a year away from release so NRS isn't going to show off everything at once.

Jimmy Palmiotti is involved so Power Girl will be in this, right? RIGHT?

Please have some Doom Patrol characters, Zatanna, The Shade, Swamp Thing, Plastic Man, Huntress, and Booster Gold/BB at least. I love Batman as much as the next guy here, but I don't want this game to have a ton of characters who all throw batarangs or get locked up at Arkham.

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I love the girl Hank Venture as "THE BAT."

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I'm not buying that there's only 30 moments in superhero comics history better than the Wanted entry. Really, comicvine????

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I'm diggin' the jacked She Hulk.

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I think this article is nicely written but way too nitpicky (especially the Spider-Man 2 review). I still say it's the finest superhero film ever made. 

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I heard a reason for Darabont's departure may have been one of the writers/creators/head honchos for Mad Men got a big fat multi-million dollar pay raise because of the leverage they have be able to move the show to another network if they are not pleased. AMC doesn't own Mad Men or Breaking Bad for that matter but they DO own The Walking Dead. This may have been Darabont's disgust over the budget cuts given to them they just had to swallow in light of the pay raise for AMC's more award winning and classy show. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a huge sticking point with Darabont. I still have faith this will be a solid season. On an optimistic note, it has never been neither confirmed nor denied if Darabont would still have any sort of creative involvement with the show. He's only stepped down as the show runner.

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BB Hood, Demitri or Captain Commando. No more Street Fighter characters, please. Well except for maybe Juri. She' :)

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I'd like someone totally out there like Impossible Man.
I'd like to say I really like the 12 new characters revealed but I just want some more ladies in there. Namorita would be cool and unexpected!  
Also since Iron Fist is in there now they have to have Luke Cage! And make his 70s costume dlc.  
Lastly I want a classic Spidey villain. I'll take either Green Goblin, Sandman, Mysterio, or Doc Ock could work for me. Any one of them. 
As far as characters they don't need: I don't want any more X-Men characters. There's 6 of them already. As much as I love Black Cat, Daredevil, and The Punisher they're too close to Felicia, Spider-Man, and Chris Redfield who are already in the game. They just wouldn't stand out and in the end feel like a waste of a character slot. 

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I think all the fanboy rage will stop once they realize he plays like Cable and is a projectile machine. There will still be (amusing) rage over Megaman, stupid 90s cartoon symbiotes, and 90s cartoon cajun.