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I understand that maybe superheroes cannot make everyone in a wheelchair well, but come on, right? Can't anyone do anything for one person? In the entire universe of DC where they fight villains from other galaxies, you'd think at least one person would have the means to heal her spine or something... And it's been established that the DCU is full of nanotechnology and genetic engineering ...whole monsters and mutants are created by genetic engineering. So why not provide a little of that for Batgirl who wants to walk? meh... it's only Batgirl... here's a wheelchair for ya.... We can build space ships and all, but oh well... here's a wheelchair...  
For years she puts up with this? When her friends FLY INTO SPACE AND OTHER PLANETS? 
Well, if the heroes apparently can't help, maybe Darkseid can be persuaded to give her a new spine? He creates entire armies out of genetic goo.

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This whole Oracle thing has always confused me, to be quite honest. I mean, if she lives in the DC universe and Batman is there? Can't he make some kind of cyborg thing to get her back on her feet? It's not as if her brain was damaged. 

Now, the Killing Joke happened inthe 80's before nanotechnology became feasible in the minds of writers. If the whole point of it is to just have a character in a wheelchair, they could have made a new character in a wheelchair.

We know she wanted to get use of her legs again, right? 

This is why these kinds of story plots cannot happen in the universe they live in. Superman is Batman's best buddy. Superman of all people has technology available to him to get her on her feet again. There's so many other characters... you mean the Martian Manhunter couldn't be bothered to make something for Batman's best friend? Or how about Green Lantern? If I was him, he'd induct Barbara into the league of Green Lanterns and she'd get this kick-arse ring that would enable her to move again.

I'm not even beginning to scratch the surface here.

Then there's characters like Dr. Fate... surely they know a trick or two?

The point is, in a universe where all these fantastic characters live in, it is quite impossible that none of them ever volunteered anything to get her back on her feet again. It just jarrs me out of the story constantly to know all these other guys are there and they don't lift a finger to help Batgirl?