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I don't know about anyone else, but I really have never seen anyone of any gender put on socks in a dignified or seductive way unless they tried WAAAY too hard to do so.

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Crocamania is runnin' wild, brother!!

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I really had no problem with this movie, EVEN going as far as to say that this is my favorite Marvel movie to date. That will get me some hate for sure, but I think I liked it because it wasn't devoting copious amounts of screen time to fan service. It had its moments, but it wasn't like X3 or Wolverine where it felt like the writers were constantly winking to the audience saying "See? We read comics!! People like this guy, right!? We're clever, we know. You don't have to tell us." Even though the more recent Marvel Studios movies need to tie-in for Avengers, Marvel movies in general feel like they could sometimes be titled Fan Service: A Love Story.

The other reason I think I liked this so much is it didn't feel like a "big, dumb summer action movie." It definitely had its "big, dumb summer action movie" moments, but it wasn't just a series of explosions strung together by the thread of a story. It actually felt more like a "spy" movie... maybe more Casino Royale than something more subtle and stealthy, but it had a good tone that didn't put the focus on people being chased by fireballs down hallways, insane car chases or what not.

I went into this movie expecting a total train wreck and I LOVED this movie. I know next to nothing about Marvel continuity, let alone X-Men continuity, so maybe that's part of why I didn't mind the differences between comics and the film. If you don't know about the continuity or are willing to put the comics continuity out of mind for two hours, you will probably really like this movie.

It is no Dark Knight, that's for sure. But, at least until Avengers comes out, First Class has a solid #1 spot at the top of Marvel movies for me with IM1 in a VERY close second.

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@GhostPig: LOL. There was JUST a story where Wolverine WAS sent to hell and STILL managed to come back... with Ghost Rider's help, in fact.
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When my homepages loaded today, I had to do a double take when I saw the Vine was back.

My life once again has meaning.

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If they at least just toned down the shiny. That's not asking TOO much is it!? She also looks like she's going to squeak when she walks.
And DC wonders why no one takes Diana seriously as a hero...

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@xerox-kitty said:
" This is the XXX Parody, right?  Because THAT is a prostitute's cosplay outfit! *goes to wash her eyes out* "
xerox couldn't be more right.
 Also, for those that think current WW's comic costume is more modest, this interpretation pretty much undoes that notion. Something about this actually seems more revealing that the old one-piece armor.
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@DBed said: Saw this on DA!! REALLY digging it. Loving the subtle lighting on "Deadeye."

This thread was a neat concept so I couldn't help but throw something together...

A trio of members from the US Army's Paranormal Division's "X Unit" during WWI.  Pictured in the trenches are Capt. Scott "Deadeye" Summer, Lieutenant Henri "Le Bête" McCoy and (in the skies) aerial ace Warren "Godsend" Worthington.