BACK! And I need help!!

Revisiting some older pieces for the upcoming con season.

Specifically this one:



LEFT. More rounded, less abstracted style?


RIGHT. More geometric, sharp angles?


The Marla Bea Benefit Art Auction for Breast Cancer Research

If you've got some dispensable income, an eBay account, and yearning to help out a good cause, then check out the Marla Bea Benefit Auction on October 12th. Lots of artists, including myself, have submitted artwork to the auction. All of the proceeds (and I do mean ALL) go to the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City, IA. For more information, check out the site
And if you want to help out on other comic-related causes, there's still time to submit artwork to Wonder Woman Dav V and the CBLDF auctions. 

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