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I LOVE THE SHADOW. I can't wait to get new comics about Lamont Cranston and hopefully his relationship and partnership with Margo Lane will be in the book too. I wish I had the movie seriaql (yes I like them too). I have some of the radios I jst bought 110 episode disc from a dealer at Motor City Con. Movie could have been better butit is passable and Kalutta's run in the 70'sw at DC was impressive.
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Magneto has and always  be a fence sitter. Hehas his "friendship" and respect for Xavier but he still has his Homo Superior  ideas and your beliefs are yours no ifs ands or buts. Either way he is still cool. I think this stems from the movie being good.
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OK here's the deal HHH made the ultimate power move in real life. Attitude era is ok I love the 80's and the Bret Hart era. I love ECW  the original.The only stars from today I enjoy are CM Punk Rey Misterio, Kofi Kingston, Matt Morgan, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler there just isn't a whole lot of talent coming from the indies I think the business is dead.
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gives me an ideay better  on what this might be about .I am such a Batman fan I will be seeing this . Will be as good as Dark Knight no but hopefully better than Batman Begins
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I listen to Kiss and Iced Earth