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I will take a look at Justice League Dark... I like the idea, but honestly, I cannot abide Constantine. I am trying to collecting 'Zatanna' (the 2010-2011) series, which is seriously awesome, but it's rather difficult to get a hold of.

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I'm not really interested in following Justice League Dark, but as a big Zatanna fan I was wondering if anyone might be able to suggest a couple of issues of the series which are especially focused on her? (If there are any... I'm not sure how big a role she's been playing).

Thank you :)

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Hey guys! Thank you for all the great suggestions. I've picked up a couple of 'Endsong' issues to start with, and will try out all your other suggestions as well.

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@FalconPuuunch: Okay, thank you for the advice!

Are the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix sagas the (how shall I say?) 'classic' style artwork? The stories sound good, but I find older style comics harder to read.

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I haven't read much XMen (probably due to my thorough hatred of Wolverine) but I am a big fan of Jean Grey.

Could anyone whom is better versed in the X Universe suggest some good issues/ series which FOCUS on Jean. I am aware of Phoenix Endsong and Warsong, are these any good?

I would prefer suggestions which are post the year 2000, if possible. Also, are there any particularly good interactions between Jean and Psylocke and/ or Susan Storm?

Thank you :)

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Sorry, but I can't stand the idea of Emily Blunt as Jean. Actually, I kinda liked Famke Janssen as her, especially in "The Last Stand." Actually, I could see Dina Meyer as her (it's hard to think of red headed actresses!).

Incidentally, (sorry, I know this thread is about Jean) I did recently think that if they reboot the XMen movies, I really would like Rachel Luttrell as Storm. So, so, so, so much better than Halle Berry.

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Thank you to PrinceIMC to explaining Storm's mohawk... gotta say, not a fan.

As for chocobojam's post. Hey, I'm with you. Big Jean Grey fan, I've just noticed that she seems to get a lot of hatred. I guess a lot of writers have misused her character over the years.

I am also pleased that Emma Frost isn't in it, but I am a bit gutted that Jean is not, though I take the point that she is in the 'All New XMen'. I do think that she would be better in this series than Rachel or Jubilee though.

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@dangallant984: I'm kinda glad they didn't call it 'X Women' as well... though I think a preceding adjective might have been useful to help distinguish it from other X titles. It should be good. Not that I typically read much X Men, but definately plan to take a look at this. What's more, I have wanted to read about Psylocke for some time; she looks like a good character, but I don't know that much about her.

Two qualms from looking at this cover. Firstly, where is Jean? I know, I know, loads of people hate Jean, but is she was the original X Woman! Also, what, prey tell, is going on with Storm's hair?!

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1) Susan Storm/ Richards,

2) Barbara Gordon (as both Batgirl and Oracle),

3) Black Canary,

4) Jean Grey,

5) Huntress (Helena Bertinelli, preferably).

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Has anyone else heard about this enigmatic 'all female' X Men title to debut in April? As far as I can ascertain, the series will simply be called 'X Men' (with no preceding adjective).

I noticed it on the Forbidden Planet webpage, but there seems to be little other information. Sadly, it appears Jean Grey will not be starring, the role instead going to her daughter. (Though the anti Jeanists will be pleased to hear it, if recent posts are anything to go by).

Sounds good though, finally a series without Wolverine! Any thoughts?

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