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This is one of the silliest and greatest things ever. Comics always know how to have fun with it all. A shame the book has to end. It was so non-mainstream and fun.

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It's too bad this show is terrible. Couldn't even sit through the entire first episode.

The pilot was awesome! It had great characters, intriguing mysteries, amazing effects, and totally fun!

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@gudvin said:

And guess who turnes up in the next issue? Peter freakin Parker. *yawn*

First arc is just fine on the basis of its shock value, but I wonder what Bendis'll come with after killing off that Parker. Whole Miles Morales' career as Spider-Man was an uninspiring waste of both Marquez and Pichelli's talent (at least for me).


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1.) disturbed by the sudden and unceremonious death of monica chang, she was mara hill, daisy johnson & black widow all wrapped up in one

2.) marquez's green goblin was as bad freaking ass as i hoped, god i pray he never changes styles and stops with all the awesome detail and crosshatching. his human faces simple in comparison are just as amazing.

She may not be dead. She may just be horribly disfigured or something. Always wait for the bod for confirmation.

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I know it is nipticking but I will say it anyway. Lemire seems to mistake trick arrows for deus ex machina arrows. He does it plenty of times, ok it was fun at the beginning but know it has became annoying. I mean tornado arrow? What?

Yeah, it is nipticking but in the end it is stupid. He should cut back on the trick arrows. Because they become more and more rediculous.

Also yeah, Brick was beaten way to easily! I was surprised when I saw that.

Hey, crazy things like that are what comics are about. Back in the 90s in the Justice League/Teen Titans crossover The Technis Imperative the JL pushed the moon back into place with the goo Wonder Woman uses to make her invisible jet and willpower from Kyle's power ring. It's not like it's a live action show or a novel. It's easier and more appropriate for crazy things like that to be seen in comics.

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Miles Morales' costume.

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This looks awesome! Can't wait!

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@porthunt: Yes, I believe so. Though, if you ever get the chance, you should go and read some previous stories. They're awesome!

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We need to get this book out twice a month! Miles deserves it! Plus, it'll be hard racking our brains until the next issue comes out. No matter how it turns out that last page has our undivided attention. I can't wait to see how Miles deals with it! Miles Morales as the Ultimate Spider-Man forever!

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@jaken7 said:

Haven't watched it yet, but IGN gave it a 9.7. What am I supposed to expect!? A mediocre/average episode or an amazing one!? Curse you @k4tzm4n: for confusing my expectations!

It all comes down to personal opinion. I thought it was a great episode that leads into the greatness of the upcoming episodes. Reviews may be good to look at and hope to see good ones - particular for things you like - but it's not always the case. You just have to go in for yourself and see if you agree with the review or not. Would you believe there are people who say Batman & Robin is a masterpiece and that The Dark Knight is trash? Just trust your own opinion if you like it or not. Either way, I'm sure it's about to pay off. >D