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Wonder why people like miles so much. He is always panicking out, taking off his mask & has no sense of humour.

He panics because he started when he was thirteen and is now fourteen. It's natural. He takes off the mask because there are times he needs to, or it doesn't seem to matter anymore based on what situation is going on (such as Cataclysm). And as for the humor, wrong. He does have a sense of humor. Why, in the last issue when Norman said he brought him into the world Miles replied, "Daddy?" and that is just the tip.

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Next week can't get here fast enough!

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What makes it even more amazing is how they handled the preview. They could have easily sold it with Miles and Jean interaction but they showed us how some of the others are doing. Clever tactic. This will be awesome!

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I can't imagine who could take over Red Lanterns now. He did a superb job at what was once most people's least favorite of the Lantern books and made it something to care for. He made the characters relatable, he placed Guy in a good position where he is still learning from mistakes while making good decisions, and we had a lot of crazy space fun!

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Komodo is an original Green Arrow villain.

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I really enjoyed it and it really combines two cultures well. The characters are believable, the art is beautiful, and the city and culture feels so real. I'm glad reviews have been great for it. Except for this one guy who only complained about it being a fetish comic but did not even list any reasons why. He practically mentioned nothing about the comic except minuscule details such as strawberry milk. When I commented on how amazing the issue was, giving long, explicit reasons, and how his review wasn't really a review I found that my comment was gone the next day. Seriously, there is no reason for him to say it's a fetish comic. The characters are appropriately dressed , they do nothing sexual, and are portrayed as real teenage girls. If they had done something like what Catwoman and Starfire did at the start of the New 52 I could understand, but there was nothing remotely like that. The comic is totally appropriate, well made, and fun.

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so his mom and dad would be mad if he were dead.....so this ISN'T 1610 Miles

That, or Miles hasn't reached that part in his story yet in the cartoon.

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Actually, based on the images I see it as Peter ended up dying while Gwen was trying to save him and that's the crime she's being hunted for. It's a reverse The Night Gwen Stacy Died but I think it involves her trying to save Peter from himself rather than another enemy. Of course, that's just my interpretation based on the preview. We'll have to wait and see.

But I sure hope we get a series with her; this is awesome! We already know she'll be appearing in Spider-Verse, in Spider-Woman, to be precise, if I recall correctly. Hopefully she'll survive and make it home. However, in the event she does die, which I'm hoping she doesn't, it had better be as a hero making a sacrifice to save someone rather than something like "random appearance behind her and thrust a hand into her and pull her heart out kind of thing" if you get what I mean.

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This was another fantastic issue in a fantastic series!

"Though the two part ways at issue’s end, I would love to see an ongoing series of Wolverine tutoring Kamala in the ways of super heroism."

LOL because he's about to die. Hmm, it'd be interesting to see Kamala react to news of his death from her perspective as a fan girl, new superhero, and one of the last people to team up with him.

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@teerack said:

@rixec: No I'm actually not misunderstanding anything at all, you just seem to be having a lot of trouble accepting my disinterest in this story. Brian Micheal Bendis isn't writing 616 Spider-Man(And likely won't be for many years) but he is writing All-New X-Men, so I think it would be much better if a 616 Miles was introduced in this book by the guy who created him appose to in Amazing Spider-Man by Dan Slott. I don't really care if the 616 characters and the 1610 characters have any interaction because the interacting doesn't really have any kind of lasting effected on either universe, so I don't really care about this plot and want it to hurry up and end. I want All-New X-Men to do things that matters. If this was BMB introducing 616 Miles I would be really interested in it. I've read enough interviews to know when marvel is just miss leading people to boost sales, so I don't really care or trust any interview where they promise "big things". There has also only been one time the two universes have ever collided and it didn't have any effect.

In the ending of Spider-Men BMB teased 616 Miles.

They also inserted little kid Miles into Spider-Man's past in Spider-Man Season One having him save Miles in his first year as Spider-Man.

So I don't think introducing 616 Miles Morales in All-New X-Men with his powers maybe coming from being a mutant would be that crazy a thing to happen.

I know about Spider-Men, I own it. I also know that Bendis is working on a Spider-Men II. That is where 616 Miles is likely to appear. And I'm not trying to convince you to read it, but rather that your reasons for not make no sense. If 616 Miles is to appear it will likely be in the Spider-Men II book, not an X-Men book, so there's no reason to complain about the arc not being about him; if 616 Miles had already made a proper introduction then that would allow him an opportunity to appear in the book but he hasn't, so it won't be happening. I know your dislike for the Ultimate Universe won't allow you to comprehend it, but chances are this arc will have lasting effects for the All New X-Men and Miles; like I stated above, when the two universes have met they have referenced the events of the meeting later on, so that means lasting effects. But since you don't want to accept the possibility I will have to recontact you at the end of the arc if something happens. And besides, the All New X-Men are going to a universe where Kitty Pryde helped saved it from Galactus and in the Survive on shot the president said he wanted to award her for it and that he was fighting for mutant rights. Perhaps this arc will finally show us the results of that and how mutants are treated there post-Cataclysm, especially since the mutant race was made by man in Ultimate. Yeah, all those are bound to have an impression on the All New X-Men.