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@fuzzylittlerodent: In what way did I criticize your opinion? I said you can have yours and then gave my own. Did I ever state that my opinion is the unquestionable truth? No, I did not. That was you putting words in my mouth. I just said that he is an amazing artist. And plenty others do as well. His art is praised through the roof in reviews by reviewers and casual fans. It is an unfortunate thing, but there are always a few haters for a beloved thing and a few lovers for a hated thing. No one thing is truly loved or despised by all. In the case of Capullo, the majority seem to think he is brilliant since his art has been praised as one of the strongest parts of his run with Snyder. That is not me stating him being a great artist is an unquestionable truth, just that a vast majority do love his work. You can have your opinion that he is awful, but there are plenty that love him. He would not have been on the book this long with such high reviews otherwise. There will be some who do not like it and you may keep that opinion.

And if you think the "Yes, you are" is my criticizing your opinion, then you truly never have been criticized before. That was a partial joke based on what you said and the fact you are the only one I have ever seen state such a thing. My apologies if the joke was in bad taste, but you did not have to try to make my comment seem like an "unquestionable truth" when I never stated that it was. If it was unquestionable, then I would not have recognized you as someone hating it. There. If my "Yes, you are" hurt you in some fashion, then you have balanced the tables with you making me seem like an all mighty all arrogant jerk.

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@the_lobster_ said:

The General Reaction from readers, when writers in comic books try pretty much anything new.......

I'm actually fine with change. I enjoy embracing new stories.

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@fuzzylittlerodent said:

I can't be the only one who hates Capullo's art.....

Yes, you are. You can have your opinion, but Capullo is an amazing artist!

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@superior_prime_maybe: @holylouie: It is canon. It spins out of other titles and will have ramifications in the Marvel Universe just as DC's The Killing Joke did. You can read it here: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=54312

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That is just freaking beautiful. I don't usually buy variant covers if they're the more expansive kind, but I may make an exception for this.

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Looks like the unneeded Ms Marvel2 is going boy crazy for the bad boys.

Unneeded?! Screw that; Ms. Marvel is awesome! If you don't like her, then stop coming here to comment.

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The series takes a more macabre tone, as Oliver Queen faces off against a murderous trucker in Alaska before he is called home by his half-sister Emiko (from the Jeff Lemire run) to help her save Seattle from nefarious forces.

Emiko returns?! O___O

You know, I may just end up picking up GA again after all.

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Shut up and take my money, Marvel!

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Whoever should hold this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Rocksteady.