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Penelope Parker was adorable! And Flash is developing a crush on her. :) I'm hoping we get to see more of her past Spider-Verse.

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It was alright. I wouldn't say it was as good as the first two. In my opinion the best part of the episode was when Barry visited his dad at Iron Heights

Also, I loved the creativity in Barry vibrating his head at super speed to hide his identity from his dad. Though, I suspect his dad knows he's the Flash considering the topic he brought up when Barry later came to visit him.

Yeah, I loved the encounters with Barry and his dad. With the vibrating of his face it shows Barry is smart enough to know even a mask like his may not be good enough for someone who really knows and loves him, unlike a small domino mask where one's own mother doesn't know. And even with that Barry's dad still suggests that he knows and is proud. Barry was smart enough to try to hide and his dad was smart enough to know anyway. It was brilliantly done.

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He is called Green Arrow and not Fist, after all.

What would be awesome is if they introduced Jeff Lemire's Outsiders. We have Komodo coming up, so we should get all of the clans involved!

Also, regarding Sara's death, I think there's more to it than we think. Her being killed by arrows right before Komodo is to show up? Seems too obvious. I bet more likely he'll he a major force to reckon with, but not the one who killed her. Remember, Merlin and Thea are still out there.

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@rixec: :O Im deffff getting it now! thanks!

Glad I could be of help. It really is a fantastic issue.

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Awesome review!

Can someone tell me this "gut-churning" ending ive been hearing about? Thanks!

It's something that has to be seen and read rather than spoiled. It makes it that much stronger, especially since a person telling it may not have the same gut-churning effect. But, it's in the spoiler block below if you want to see.

That universe's Mary Jane, Sara Jane, had a spider egg planted into her neck when Patton, that universe's Peter, bit her neck, and at the end it hatched and she had hundred of tiny spiders coming out and crawling over her face. This happened shortly after the final confrontation in Patton's room, where he had all his victims in web cocoons and in bad shape - if not dead. Then Morlun killed him.

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I really hope we don't see the comedian seen at Fish's club again. I don't want to think any more about any possibilities with that guy.

Really? Could it be you are afraid of what his origin is? A certain... Joker?

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@rixec: I never said he should be peter. but he should be spider-man. I have read all the issues till 200. And I will read the rest once this arc completes. That's not the issue here. What should be a comics about a new spider-man dealing with new enemies in a new way is comics about some guy struggling to be spider-man. And a huge fanbase? It can't perform better than ASM despite all Slott bashing that goes on & the glowing reviews it always gets because of this character's lameness.

Miles is not lame. He is an interesting and relatable character. This is a guy dealing with a legacy and he is different than Peter. Not everyone can go in and just be like "Hi-yah" in an instant. For some people it takes time to adjust to something. What one person can do in a month may take another years to do. Plus, sales don't always matter. There have been plenty of critically acclaimed series that have been cancelled while there is still plenty of complaining about still ongoing series. In addition, people buy ASM because it has the core Peter Parker. People enjoy familiarity and that is applied to Peter. Peter has had decades worth of comics, shows, movies, games, and so on, whereas Miles has had only a few years of comics, Easter eggs in games and stuff, and his upcoming first animated appearance on Ultimate Spider-Man. And if Miles was truly lame, there wouldn't be all these people here hoping he doesn't die. Miles is easier to relate to. He represents the world today.

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@rixec: umm.... his own man? I think not. He's Spider-Man. He can be a normal human being. Who he is doesn't matter. Him having his own problems has got nothing to do with it. He can have his friends, girlfriends & family life. And he can take all the advice he wants from Gwen. But when he becomes Spider-Man he needs to be Spider-Man & not some lame teenager. That's the whole point. A geek who fails miserably in his personal life wears a costume & becomes this near invincible persona who can bring down mad scientists, evil industrialists & maggia bosses while making snide comments. The character has 30 issues under his belt by the same writer. It's about time to stop with the character development, side character development & learning about life as a superhero & get on with the superheroing. But that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon and this is why the sales of this series are sliding(or at least they were before catacalysm, don't know about this new series).

Argh! This is the problem! You keep talking about him like he should be Peter Parker. He is not and will never be. He is his own Spider-Man and he is Miles Morales. He doesn't have to fully be like that. He can have good and bad things in his normal life and superhero life. And seeing his character and those of the rest of the cast is one of the major reasons he has a huge fanbase. We get to connect with him in those ways. Plus, you said a few posts ago you don't read it. So why are you making all these assumptions when you don't fully keep up?

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Ok i checked yeah i was assuming him to be a year older. Oh come on we all know the whole taking off his mask was just a lame plot point to be further used by Bendis. And yes I do think Miles has to face his problems as Spider-Man alone & keep his high school friends & girlfriend out of it. Even at 15 he gotta realize that. This is the same guy who was mature enough at 13 to decide after getting superpowers to keep it secret from almost everyone & not help the original Spider-Man. So the whole "omg he is so young & doesn't know anything" excuse is dumb. This guy is smart so if he is going to be Spider-Man then I think people should judge him on the same parameters as Peter or Miguel.

Except he's not either of them. He is his own man. And besides, Miles will have to face problems with his girlfriend coming up because he revealed who he was to her and when she ran off she went home to her sister and knew they couldn't tell their parents because they would kill him. And from future solicitations it looks like that will be major. This shows how Miles has to learn to deal with the consequences of his actions. Besides, he needs his friends to help keep him sane through all this. His best friend helps him make the we fluid, Peter's old cast gives him advice based on what they and Peter went through. Plus, when it comes to things where the main character tries to do something alone without telling their friends it tends to go worse. Miles, at least, can inform everyone of what is happening and they can be prepared and vice versa. Sure, there are times where he does have to face things alone but that doesn't mean he should if he has friends he can turn to. Peter having to do things alone is of a different generation. Miles represents what people are today. When someone is in trouble or doesn't know what to do they go to someone they know to help them, which is what he does. I know you are not going to accept this, but this is how Miles is. He acts like a normal human being, flaws and all, while trying to rely on people he knows when he needs help, like humans tend to do. Believe what you want about how he should be a lone wolf type of character, but his supporting cast helps him grow as a person and hero.