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I agree. I think owlman being a traitor is very unlikely.

As of Thomas knowing and/or being in the Court of Owls is unlikely, You must consider it this way our Dick Grayson was born into a secret society that not even Bruce had known to exist, had grayson's parents not been killed and Bruce taken him in, our Dick Grayson very well might have become a Talon and assassinated people as villain.

The reverse of that would be Grayson 3 was born into a secret society that Thomas didnt know about, grayson 3 parents were killed and he was adopted by Thomas to become a villain, hence if he had not been adopted he may have been a hero.

third about beliefs, Bruce clearly thought Jason was dead and never coming back but Jason did and Bruce did not know for a long time while his enemies did. so someone shockingly coming back to life isn't unheard of in a Batman comic.

finally, cold did not kill the talons it just stopped their movements and regeneration had they been warmed-up they would come back to life. Also on the same token we have also never seen a Talon killed.


this is the new fifty two so there is nothing that state the court of owls is exclusive to this universe, there are many things in worlds one, two, and three that mirror or are slightly altered from each other their is no absolute proof the Court is any different. adding further the Trinity War was set as the first Universe wide cross over before the court of owls. So why of all names would they choose to link Talons and the Court, if they did not intend them to be associated together considering they already had plans for Trinity War.

We don't know exactly what the Jokester said, He could have revealed Grayson's true origins which caused him to defect.

to both

it is fairly obvious that they are going somewhere with this whole Thomas connection to Dick Grayson thing. so we must consider the options

One: Thomas cant bare another Dick Grayson being killed, when Grayson obviously escapes (he is seen fighting owlman and Ultraman in Justice League 25 cover )and Owlman defects to help Dick Grayson

Two: Talon is alive, big shock to Thomas. Helps our grayson or helps the JL comeback from Earth 3.

Three: Dick Grayson turns evil and joins the crime syndicate for no real apparent reason.

Four: Dick Grayson is somehow the key to defeating crime syndicate

Five: IDK what other options do you guys see

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@nathaniel_christopher: You may be right and this panel certainly looks as if I am wrong, however this only convinces me that Dick Grayson 3 is alive.

First the less likely possibility, both Owlman and Talon are traitors and Owlman faked Talons death in order to use him as shadow ops agent

Second, It was a ploy that Owlman saw through and simply could not bring himself to kill Talon for turning traitor

Third, (I am a bit surprised that u missed this), Look at he name, TALON, everything about the name suggest he is immortal. If this is the Evil Dick Grayson he full filled his birthright and became an assassin for the court of Owls. every single TALON we know of is immortal. Owlman could have simply never have fought the Court of Owls in this universe like Superman never fought Lex in the Injustice Universe. thus Owlman could believe the Court of Owls is only rumors, like Bruce Wayne did and not know of their regenerative properties.

Thus he could have allowed the Joker to kill him so he could turn into a hero knowing the (now good) court of owls will only revive him.

we have seen multiple TALONS, including Dicks great grandpa and Calvin Rose killed and come back to life.

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To begin I correctly predicted there would be one, not saying it is much of an accomplishment, because it was fairly obvious.

second, when Dick Grayson is captured Owlman says to SuperWoman " they call him Nightwing here" which means not only did Owlman take the time to look for Dick Grayson but then figured out Dick Grayson was Nightwing and decided to make an example of him. wither Owlman planned to make an example of him or if Grayson was at the wrong place at the wrong time is unknown. But Owlman did make an effort to find him.

Third we know there is another Dick Grayson because he is mentioned by PowerRing who says "you'd think Owlman would try to protect Grayson considering." to which Deathstorm responds " This one is a copy of Owlmans former partner PowerRing, and a weaker one at that."

this indicates something happened to the Earth 3 Grayson. What exactly is unknown.

It is still my guess that Dick Grayson 3 was once a villain that turned hero and fought against the Crime Syndicate. Maybe the CS thinks they killed him but Owlman knows better and has been hiding the fact that Grayson 3 is alive. Thus PowerRing thinks Owlman would want to save this Grayson because he couldn't save the last one. This is also supported by Ultraman's desire to destroy Nightwing personally by going after his friends and family indicating a need for revenge. If they simply wanted to make an example of the heroes they already did that by "killing" the justice league and Ultraman could have simply killed Grayson to get the point across like he did with that villain that spoke out.

So like I said originally the Two Graysons will work together to bring down the CS, either Grayson 3 will work to bring the JL back to Earth 1 ( while on Earth 3) and lead his team and the JL to fight the CS with Grayson 1s team or he is already on Earth 1 and will help Grayson1 there

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^LMFAO pure win. Though I think @ritchieb may have a point about us not knowing just how far the signal was broadcast. Though regardless, a room full of villains can easily figure it out. Even taking into account the sheer number of Richard Grayson's in the world, they know this is a guy who's been operating in Gotham for years. That leads them to searching there first, and who's the most famous Richard Grayson in Gotham, who just happens to have been an acrobat, that looks just like Nightwing? Really its a logical thought process here.

Yes but by that logic the woman who has been around Superman more than anyone else should realize that Superman is really just her coworker without his glasses on but we all know connecting those two things are completely beyond human comprehension.

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I still stand by my original predictions but maybe earth 3 grayson wont die.

this is what will happen

First DC will try to make us believe that all of a sudden all these different groups know and love Nightwing then rally to save him.( which would be true pre 52)/ Teen Titans thanks to Tim, Then Birds of Prey thanks to Babs, Roy and Star will convince Jason to help, then Dick Grayson (3) will save Dick Grayson (1). ( they might throw in heroes that are all of a sudden NW friends)

Second DC will milk it for what its worth with a bunch of " Who really is Batman?" " Who really is Batgirl?" " Who really is Red Robin?" etc.

then he is either going to be

1. part of some sort of government sanctioned team in exchange for them "protecting his friends and family"

2. Earth 3 Dick Grayson will address the world then the real Grayson will appear and say it was a ploy to bring down Batman Inc. and prove he is " not" Nightwing (and everyone will believe him)

3 Lex will for some reason decide to help Nightwing convince the world he isn't really Dick Grayson and it was all part of a Crime Syndicate ploy to take the world from the true villains.

(I also don't believe this was broadcast around the world. Lex was spying and when he said who's Richard Grayson, a super computer put the info together)

and all will go back to normal.

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I know he invaded one and two but i dont know about 3. as far as i know world three wasn't revealed until justice league 23 so I dont think it has much of a back story. However even if Darkseid did invade it does not mean he destroyed the planet. Earth 1 wasnt destroyed, Earth 2 got the crap kicked out of it but still wasnt destroyed. So there is no way to know definitively what or if Darkseid did anything to Earth 3. Honestly Earth 3 might have faired the best because they must be thousands of years more advanced than us. we know this because they were able to facilitate interdimensional travel when Earth 1 was still very primitive. ( we know this because Pandora's box was created before the Olympian Gods and the box opens dimensions)

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where did u get that, i believe where u are confused is the part in JL 23 that mentions Darkseid. it never said Darkseid invaided World 3 it says when he invaded World 1 it weakened the barrier between universes (darkseid lives in another dimension not another planet) there is nothing that states Darkseid has ever been to earth 3. his invasion simply allowed the crime syndicate to move into this dimension


there is nothing from DC that states that, what ur referring to is a prediction by Bleeding Cool. it is not official

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yea i honestly have no idea, i dont read WW at all. but the story works without a romantic relationship and it would be nice from Grayson to have a female friend that he doesnt get it on with because i dont think he has any girls that are just friends

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1. There will be two Dick Graysons (one blue from earth 3 the other one in red) (also explaining the promo image)

2. Dick Grayson will be either connected to the prisoner (from JL 23) or will be the prisoner (escaping in the initial struggle showed at the end of JL)

3. Earth 3 Grayson will have started as villain in his home world and became hero (remember this is a reverse world where all heroes are villains)

4. Earth 3 Grayson had a relationship with Superwoman and then turned hero (explaining why Superwoman hates Dick Grayson, think Injustice how everyone still hated Luthor even though he was good)

5. The Crime Syndicate will have a counterpart (something like the Legion of Justice) that has waged war all over earth 3 leaving it nearly destroyed

6. The two Graysons will work together uniting villains and heroes to prevent the Crime Syndicate taking over and get the JLs back

7. Dick Grayson (earth 3) will die giving his life to finally defeat the crime syndicate and restoring peace to both Earths (Dido creams in his pants)

8. Dick Grayson (ours) will finally get a team of his own after the conclusion

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it says in the comicvine Cheetah page that she can transform into the Cheetah at will. so she could have a human side if this is true or could be made true in the New 52. so in theory if the OP wanted to really push for that Cheetah could reveal that she can turn back into a human (but maybe only for a short time before the God repossesses her) which would be revealed to NW in part 6. So like i said the OP could make it work if he really wanted it to happen but it does open up a whole can of worms and could never be the kind of relationship that Dick had with Babs or Starfire but the whole catwoman thing might work.

it really wouldnt be that different then Superboy hooking up with Ms. Martian (who is really a huge nasty monster) but SB hooks up with her "human" form during YJ

as Nightwing would hook up with Cheetahs true human form