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@dark_vengeance_: That's what I meant. It was something that described you, nearly defined you. Something that set you apart from all the other characters on the Vine. By getting rid of it you simply became more generic. Despair has been to hell and back, how bad can death be? lol

@_nobody_: For sure. Will be a lot better for my psyche.

@pyrogram: Sounds like a good job. :) Theoretically I have an account on COPs: Despair.

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Speaking of Mercy, how is she doing? She counts among the people I missed the most. Am I right that you are Armitage?

@shadowswordmaster: Doing the lone wolf thing? That has always been underestimated on the Vine if you ask me. RPG produced a lot of team pressure so the possibilities of this concept could never be fully explored. Respect for your courage, dude.

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@shadowswordmaster: I'm sure we'll get to write together sooner or later. Are you on COPS by any chance?

@_drake: I'm okay. Having to cope with a lot of work recently. 13 hours a day and more. Feeling exploited, really. Thank god this will be over in September.

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@warsman: Whoa... That screams for a very... special character. Let me go through my alts to see if I can find any. Maybe Frost. Maybe Honor Avenger.

Yuck, I could never get used to that team thread rpging. I love my rpgs seperate where I can read them up whenever I want to.

@pyrogram: Can only be better than the old one(s). lol I finally get to work according to my own beliefs in a labor union.

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@shadowswordmaster: Not at all. I'm not that arrogant to assume everyone should know who I am. ;) Especially after months of absence.

@brazen_intellect: Thanks, that was cute :)


Oh and I also threw my no killing code out the window thanks to lunatic over there.


@_drake: Every rpgers curse. lol

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@warsman: If you give me some details I could maybe see if one of my chars fits. lol Are they doing it in seperate rpg threads or is it still team threads rpg mostly?

@pyrogram: PYRO! :-D Hey, how are you? Not back, just visiting and checking things out.

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@dark_vengeance_: No man's land? Interesting. Could make good use of that. If I EVER finish that bio, that is.

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@thisisgonnahurt: urks. Not so hard, I'm an old woman, you know. Turning 30 this September. Speaking of September... Going to have a new job in September which MAY leave me more time for writing and rpging. Already know I won't be using Risky but which character will I use for a comeback? Is this still CVnU after all?

@_nobody_: Dang, I still remember you as Engineer I think. lol