• Date joined:2008-06-06
  • City:none (travelling)
  • Gender:Female
  • Alignment:Neutral
  • Points:107 Points
  • Ranked:Currently Disabled


Faction: Neutral

Super Name: Risky

Real Name: Ruby Theodora Glassman

Occupation: Mutant freedom fighter, mutant terrorist, occassionally mercenary and assassin

Base of Operations: No specific one

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 140 lbs.

Age: 24

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5”6’

Super Power Origin: Mutation

Identity: Public

Place of Birth: Army Base in Nevada

Known Aliases: Risk, The Risk taker, Femme Fatale, The Female Merc, Soldier of Fate

Group Affiliation: Zero Squad

Grid Points (normal/maximally adrenaline enhanced):

  • Agility: 4/5 (peak human, significantly above average/beyond natural limits of humans)
  • Durability: 3/4 (above average, efficient healing/enhanced human, difficult to permanently injure)
  • Energy Projection: 2 (normal, possesses no conscious power)
  • Fighting Ability: 5 (renowned warrior, fighting experience that equals that of 20 years fighting)
  • Intelligence: 3 (higher than average intelligence though not a genius yet)
  • Mental Power: 2 (average, no special gifts)
  • Speed: 2/3 (normal, peak range 25-29 mph/superhuman, peak range up to 80 mph)
  • Stamina: 4/5 (enhanced human, able to sustain for several hours/superhuman, able to sustain for a day)
  • Strength: 2/4 (normal, able to lift up to 440 lbs with difficulty/ superhuman, able to lift up to 1 ton)


  • Limited Probability Manipulation (Incredible Luck)
  • Teleportation (no range limit but can take maximally 500 lbs. with her)
  • Adrenaline Enhancement (gets physically stronger when big amounts of adrenaline run in her system)
  • Danger Sense