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It's unreleased Steve Gerber work. That alone deserves a huge release. Gerber was a genius, years ahead of his time, and the chance to read new work from one of my favorite creators is a huge deal for me.

And, yes, Man-Thing is clearly a rip-off of Swamp Thing. Which, is an amazing feat considering he debuted 2 months earlier than Swamp Thing. And that both are based on The Heap from the 40s. LOL. I'm honestly not even 100% sure that The New 52 Swamp Thing's success has any baring on the release of this, as I remember hearing about this months ago, but who knows, maybe.

Hopefully Marvel can also find some unreleased Bill Mantlo work next.

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I love seeing Allred's takes on Marvel characters.

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Been looking at the bios on here for months, figured I should say hello. So, hello.

I'm a Marvel, and my favs are X-Factor (90's & Modern), Micronauts, & the New Mutants. I also have way too much love for Marvel's forgotten/Z-Listers like Night Cat or Meteor Man.