New and loving it.

So I cant really even remember what I did with my free time back before i got into comics. I had always wanted to get into comics but was always scared by the absurd number issues that series' had. There were things that had been in publication for twenty-thirty years. It was honestly too much. There was a comic book store that i would go to from time to time because of my friends who played 40k. I would always look at the books but was so confused by all the different titles and numbers of some of the same books ( Spectacular, avenging, ultimate Spider-Man etc.). I had bought some Independent books such as the Amory Wars series. Small things i could read and get into because I liked Coheed & Cambria. The first series I bought and absolutely loved was The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way. It was what truly wet my appetite for comics and the story telling ability that they have.

I got a job where I was making more money than I had sense, so I decided to go comic shopping with my friend. I saw the Death of Spider-Man book, and had heard about the new Miles Morales Spider-Man and thought it was interesting sounding, so I asked the owner what books i would need and he was very friendly about it. I actually happened to look down while he was looking it up and saw him using Comicvine (how i ended up here). After i got all the books for that I realized that the Ultimate universe was a good place for me to jump into Marvel comics. It was shortly after that I found out about the New 52 and how good that would be for getting into DC. I will maybe write more about that later. I just wanted to go and and do this blog because i was quite bored and want to be active in this nice comic community.