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First fight Marciano wins easily.

Marciano weighed between 178 and 192 lbs. during his pro career. Bruce's giving up 40 lbs. MINIMUM.

Second fight Bruce Lee wins. With the ability to use kicks and grappling (Bruce Lee trained with Judo legend Gene LeBell, who has trained several professional mma fighters) he has a huge advantage.

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Depends on how much power Cytorrak is letting Marko use.

And even if it's the most powerful version of Juggernaut we've seen, Sentry still probably wins.

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You new to trolling?


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They don't have to "damage" adamantium.

Darkseid could melt it with the omega beams, tear his body apart at the molecular level (matter manipulation/transmutation) or possibly just drain his energy like Galactus did in Secret War.

And no, he's nowhere near a match for them physically. Ultron''s in the 75-ton range, while Thanos, Darkseid and Despero are all well above class 100, planetbusters.

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Wow, no love for Thanos?

Thanos can go toe-to-toe with Odin.

Dormammu was recently seen in Limbo, where he was hurt by Cyclops optic blast.

I say the combined strength of Thanos and Mephisto is enough, team 2 wins.

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Ultron doesn't belong in this fight.

Thanos deserves a better partner.

Team DC wins.

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The team.

When Thanos fought Odin he was losing, but was still holding his own pretty well considering his opponent. He tanked a bunch of Odin's attacks (in Asgard btw) and wasn't ready to give up when the fight finally ended.

Since then, Thanos has been resurrected again, and is even stronger in his most recent incarnation.

Not claiming he could solo Odin, but he could definitely put up a damn good fight.

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The team quickly turns into just Wolverine, and unless he can decapitate the Hulk, Hulk wins.

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Galactus easily in all 3 rounds.

I see people mentioning the recent fight with Odin and the Asgardians, but those characters have Mystical abilities that Kryptonians don't have (not to mention that their big gun was Odin, a skyfather level god who can raise the dead, stop time, alter reality, etc), and Galactus still won that fight rather easily.

Physical attacks can't harm Galactus (unless delivered by another godlike character, i.e. Celestials, Vishanti, high-level gods), and physical attacks (heat vision included) are really the only weapons Kryptonians have.