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Love Stinks. Does This Book? 2

There's something about Harley.Chad Hardin's art, first of all, reminds me an eensy little bit of Phil Noto's. I don't know if it's the line work, Alex Sinclair's colors, or the combination of both of those elements, but check out the panel on the right from H.Q. # 3. Ah, well. I digress. Ahem! Anyhow, it is gratifying that, three-issues in, readers are not subjected to Harley contending with Batvillains and other DCU crazies as she did in the early issues of her previous solo series. This comic...

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She's Growing On Me 0

"Oh. It's an actual... beaver." The New 52 Harley Quinn, I mean. I loathed her in Suicide Squad. Sex with Deadshot and the re-envisioning of her origin, as well as the sad attempt at crossing over her original costume design with the turboslut look in the Arkham series of video games left me cold. The fun seemed to have been squozen out of the character. So, after I read the 0 issue, I was even more concerned that it was going to turn into the bastard lovechild of Byrne's She-Hulk and Deadpool, ...

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