What Are You Thankful For?!?

I wanted to know what the people of comicvine are most thankful for, just leave a post of what your most thankful for and why.

I am personally thankful for my family especially my mother for supporting me through High School. I am thankful for comicvine because without this site I would be bored out of my mind. Also want to thank god because without him I would not be where I am today.

Posted by _slim_

Waking up every morning.

Posted by Trueblood567

I'm thankful for my family,my friends and for being in a good health

Posted by King Saturn
being alive
Posted by SuperTide

Just the basic stuff.Shelter,food,water,health.

Posted by PowerHerc

Family, time, health and freedom.

Posted by Nefarious
Witnessing another day.