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 I'm proud to be English but I envy many things about America. The weather is one of them.  
I've been on Giant Bomb for about 2 years now and had an active account for around the same time. I play mostly PC and Xbox games these days. I did have a PS3 but I sold it. I'm glad I moved to Xbox as my home console because it allowed me to play with more friends.   
I also frequent Comic Vine (Especially the Chat on live shows, there's only about 20 of us and it's nice like that) I like movies and cartoons by Adult Swim. Anime is literally the worst thing on this earth. 
Really not into all the "Memes" that people overuse on here but I guess that was bound to happen right?
I'm usually pretty sarcastic and I have a dry sense of humour so don't take me too seriously if it looks like something offensive.  
You can follow me on Twitter here and my blog here. I like to write about things in the game industry, I review some choice games and talk about some other stuff too. I guess I'd like to be a journalist but I haven't got the skill.
"An Englishman, even if alone, forms an orderly queue of one"
                                                                                          - George Mikes.