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new can opener :)

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me :) some fresh meat for the lion

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@shadowknight666: Not bad my friend I approve :)

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@shadowknight666: Ringleader sighed its so hard to hind good demon henchmen these days he said to himself. He drove summersaulted behind a car and tapped his cain again this time knowing he needed more firepower the clowns now weilded sniper rifles"Now things get interesting." he said as he turned behind is henchmen and began to shoot demon energy at the shooter.

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@shadowknight666: Ringleader heard the shot ducked and rolled backwards with his front turned in the direction of the shooter. "Now why did you have to go and ruin the fun." He said with an evil grin. He then tapped his cane and more evil clowns came out of the cars shooting in the shooters direction.

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Ringleader walks down the street while his lackies torn apart a bank taking all they could carry.

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The group of cars raced towards the Zesus facility in New York with Ringleader at the lead. He glanced down at his watch "O right on time great." He turned on his com link which gave him vocal accsess to reaper. "Begin the operation," Vincent heard him over the com. That was his signal to block the exits and work his way up to meet up with the others who he had not meet yet. "O goody showtime." Vincent said to himself as he say the building coming into view. He pressed on his walkie talkie. "Ok boys you trusty hench men keep any cops or anyone esle from 'disturbing' our little party upstairs hehehehe." The cars all came to a halt outside the building and Ringleader along with his men climbed out of there cars. "Ok my fine gentlemen you all know what to do." he turned and ran towards the doors laughing evilly.

He kicked in the doors laughing then said. "Hello my friends just here to take what belongs to me and my friends." The guards at the desk quickly drew there guns and pointed then at Ringleader "No buddy your going to turn around and leave." one of them said. "O you fools and your guns." Ringleader said then he acrobatically leaped into the air and shot one of the guards with his demon energy then landing without any trouble. The other guard began to fire his gun but Ringleader quickly rolled out of the way kicked of the wall and shot another bolt killing the other guard. But then his walkie talkie went off. "Uuuu boss the cops are here." "Good boys give then hell." Vincent said these last words barking at the goon on the other end. He then started hearing gunshots coming from above and from outside. He then began to climb up the stairs acrobatically to get to the top hoping he wouldnt be late. He then began laughing as he said to himself "This is going to be fun."

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@shadowknight666: Hahaha Im more lucky then that.