The first comic I ever owned

I remember very clearly the first comic I ever owned. I don't remember who bought it for me or why, and I remember that i was too young to read it correctly. The main thing I remember was the artwork. Speeding Bullets was the name. It is a story in which Thomas and Martha Wayne discover baby Kal-El. They still name him Bruce and they are still gunned down by a mugger. This young Kal-El version of Bruce Wayne still becomes Batman (though with all of Superman's powers and abilities) but is eventually convinced that a persona is needed which isn't so dark, as to give the people hope. He then becomes Superman. As a kid who loved both Batman and Superman, this was the beez knees. I lost track of it at some point but I wished I had kept it close. I'll probably end up buying another copy on eBay or something.

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