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I'm trade-waiting, hope it doesn't get cancelled, looks too good

Hope you're not disappointed when this gets cancelled because you didnt buy the singles!

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@mucklefluga: I wish I knew, he is not mentioned at all in the in-game story. He just floats in the background for the Watchtower stage. I guess he will be caught by Superman and co, and killed in the later issues.

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I am really eager to find out what happens to Martian Manhunter, he doesnt show up in the game at all (other then in the background of a level) and contributes nothing to the story

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Hello guys, I am looking for a DC comic which was my very first ever comic as a kid, but forgot the name of.

I remember in the comic that Superman went mad/got mind controlled and killed some important civilian (maybe Lois Lane), and then Hal Jordan came to restrain him using a cage constructed from his ring. Superman then tries to break out of the cage, and then Alan Scott comes to boost the cage's power using his ring. Then I remember the narration is something like: "Superman knows Alan Scotts ring is based on MAGIC, his very weakness. He knows he is powerless against magic, so he stops resisting".

From here on I'm a little unsure on the details. The gist is that one of the guardians of OA then comes down to tell Hal Jordan that he is needed on OA. Hal says something like 'but I need to restrain Superman!!" and the guardian says: "No, you must come". Then Hal says to Alan "Will you be alright?" And Alan says "Yes, my ring is magic, I'll be fine" (NOT sure about this)