Questivus for the Restivus 2010

Quests have become pretty popular around the Whiskey Media sites since they were launched in April 2010. In case you haven't come across them - if you're a signed in member visiting the André the Giant page (and who isn't?) you can't miss them - then here's a little breakdown of some of the most popular Quests we ran in 2010.
Let's start off by looking at Still a relatively young site, the community has already filled in a mountain of information in the wiki. Whether it's dropping a massive amount of knowledge on some of the most minor of characters - no offense to any Grail Knights out there - or calling out video game fakery, the Screened community is killing it. And when they're not filling the wiki, the numbers show that they like to bounce around it. Here are some of the top Quests (by steps completed) we've run on Screened, with explanations of what the Quest was about below the graph. Total Set Completions are in parentheses next to that week's set title.

  •  A Longer Time Ago...(1,441): We had you hyper driving all over the Star Wars in this Quest. Based on the level of completions, it must have been either equivalent to, or easier than, shooting womp rats back at your respective home.
  • Bottom's Up (1,091): A nice little amalgam of a Quest about The Big Lebowski, Napoleon Dynamite, Independence Day, and Dazed and Confused. Yeah, we're not quite sure what the link is there....Oh well.....QUESTS!
  • Art & Copy (439): We got all 1960s in this bitch with Don Draper and his ad agency that week to celebrate/mourn the season 4 finale.
  • Monster Mash (452): What better way to celebrate Halloween than remembering that the film industry is only a few misguided steps away from goin' up shit creek without a paddle.
  • November Grab-Bag! (515): Screened makes sure you're brushed up on your film knowledge before hitting the theater. We had you find some similar movies to that week's releases and check out the trailers. It was not a great week for film, and for that we are infinitely sorry to make you dwell on it through Quests.
  • Avada Kedavra (695): That new Harry Potter movie The Imprisoned Order of The Deathly Hallow's Stone came out that week and Ministry of Quests was all over it.
  • UnCaged (490): We celebrated America's greatest living actor
  • 12 Days of Whiskey (352): We rang in the holidays with a twelve day/step Quest of epic proportions. Shit got real. 
  Comic Vine, how do you like your Quests? 
  • Super Quest (1,450): We paid tribute to our favorite alien.
  • What's In a Name? (728): One of Comic Vine's members actually put this Quest together for us - we're always open to new ideas, PM me - and it was a great little world play of a Quest. 
  • The Buck Stops Here (809): Bucky Barnes got himself locked up in that week's Captain America title. We exploited the Winter Soldier's' plight by making a Quest. Whoops.
  • Monster Mash (1,077): We started this infestation of a Quest off with you having to find Patient 0 of the Marvel Zombies plague. 
  • All In The Family (1,081): This emotional bunch does not like missing out on Quests. You were brave to check out some of their pages.
  • Comic Book Cliches (1,208): We forced you to pack up your picnic and head into one hell of a dystopian future.
  • Spidey Sense (1,136): Bet you didn't know this existed.
  • Batmania (907): was absolutely no help for this Quest.
  • 12 Days of Whiskey (355): Nothin' says Christmas like voids in space. Right?
Bring it on home for us Giant Bomb!
Well, we had quite a year in Quests last year, didn't we? It's all possible because you folks continue, day in and day out, to fill out our already massive wikis. Keep up the great work, and enjoy the Quests we're going to be rolling out in 2011! 

If you want to continue getting information about Quests, follow @whiskeyquests and/or me, @riezner on Twitter for updates. And always, major props to Coonce for working his engineering magic every week to make sure Quests work properly.  Many, many thanks to @TurboToaster for all her amazing artwork that really make these Quests hilarious and really come to life. You're awesome, Kat!


Ideas for future Quests? PM me!