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@shenkuei said:

@ridtom: I'd wager Batgirl (CC) has speed feats equal to or better than Hei and she was overwhelmed by Deathstroke. As for the Nth metal armor conducting electricity that was not my point...

It provides magical enchantment that increases Deathstroke's physical abilities and provides supernatural protection from harm, I don't see why electricity would be immune to that effect. Not saying it definitely stops him from being electrocuted but it is worth taking into account. You also completely ignored my point about Deathstroke's superhuman physiology which likely provides further resistance to electric attacks.

As far as Hei being able to do "much, much more" what exactly are you talking about that could be useful here? I'm assuming he does not have any power-ups like the meteor fragment, which OP would have specified. That would make this fight completely unbalanced anyway. Aside from times that he was amped Hei sticks to regular electric shocks 99% of the time.

Also, Batman can land hits on Slade because he is far better than Hei at hand to hand combat, being master of 127 styles of martial arts etc.

How does Batgirl have better feats than dodging/blocking point blank bullets and sonic boom inducing kicks?

His physiology would give him an some resistance to electricity, but Hei can pump out quite a lot of it, enough to kill him at least.

So it's magical in nature? Has it been shown to resist electrical attacks?

I'd argue that Batman and Hei are roughly equal if only because while Batman has the skills, Hei has the experience of fighting super-powered individuals without powers in a major war.

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@shenkuei: Hei stretches the definition of peak human considering his superhuman reflexes have him dodging bullets that are inches away from him as well as kicks that cause sonic booms multiple times.

I will grant you that Deathstroke is physically stronger and more durable, but to my knowledge, nth metal armour is still conductive of electricity and Hei can do much, much, much more than just that with his powers.

All it takes is one touch or DS staying on something conductive for it to go to Hei, and considering Batman has landed blows on DS, I'd wager that Hei can as well.

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@shenkuei said:

Yeah, I think I was too soft here.

Deathstroke wins easily, unless Hei has the meteor fragment.


Deathstroke is fast enough to easily deflect machine gun fire and repetedly hit people that can move and fight at the speed of light. He has superhuman physical abilities, capable of lifting multiple tons in one hand, and his enhanced brain allows him to think and react at speeds for superior to any human.

This pisses me off.

One: That was a clear sign of PIS since flash has the reflexes needed to dodge a non moving Deathstroke.

Two: No one would ever beat Deathstroke if he could actually hit people that fast

I will give you the strength advantage though, but all Hei has to do is have him in contact with a conductive material and he's a goner.

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Hei wins. He spent an entire war fighting super-powered soldiers of all kinds. He can dodge super sonic kicks and block/dodge bullets when they are inches away from him. He is at the peak of human condition, capable of lifting larger and more muscular men with one hand and holding them there. His power allows him to affect matter on Quantum level as well as discharge electricity through himself and other materials.

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  1. In Character
  2. Movie versions only
  3. No force choke
  4. Sif has her Magitech Double-Blade, Armour, and Shield
  5. They both know the others abilities
  6. Round 1- Battle takes place on Naboo where Maul fought Obi-wan and Quigon; 20 feet apart
  7. Round 2- Battle takes place in Asgard throne room; 20 feet apart
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@kal_el_summers: Ha! That was actually a really funny comeback.

Anyways, are shinigami considered magical? Cause then they could behead Supes, either way I think Team 2 might take the majority here.

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How about Young Justice Robin vs Teen Titan Robin?

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@cjdavis103: true but the uscm also has laser weaponry designed to take out a ships power, though I will give you credit that Turians are probably more experienced in space combat.

If you want to know more click those links

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@cjdavis103: wouldnt the USCMs explosive tip rounds be the turian shields nightmare? Also what do you think about a spacebattle?